Paparazzi UAS  v6.2_unstable
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
cloud_sim.h File Reference
#include "std.h"
#include "math/pprz_algebra_float.h"
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Data Structures

struct  CloudSim


#define CLOUD_SIM_WP   0


void cloud_sim_init (void)
void cloud_sim_detect (void)
 periodic call for border detection More...
void cloud_sim_move (void)
 periodic call for moving waypoints More...
void cloud_sim_reset (bool reset)
 reset handler More...


struct CloudSim cloud_sim

Detailed Description

Gautier Hattenberger Basic cloud simulation for testing adaptive navigation patterns

Definition in file cloud_sim.h.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ CloudSim

struct CloudSim

Definition at line 35 of file cloud_sim.h.

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Data Fields
uint8_t mode
float radius radius in WP mode
bool reset
struct FloatVect2 speed

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Definition at line 33 of file cloud_sim.h.


#define CLOUD_SIM_WP   0

Definition at line 32 of file cloud_sim.h.

Function Documentation

◆ cloud_sim_detect()

void cloud_sim_detect ( void  )

periodic call for border detection

Definition at line 102 of file cloud_sim.c.

References CLOUD_SENSOR_ID, cloud_sim, cloud_sim_circle_id, CLOUD_SIM_POLYGON, CLOUD_SIM_WP, distance_to_wp(), get_sys_time_usec(), CloudSim::mode, CloudSim::radius, stateGetPositionEnu_f(), EnuCoor_f::x, and EnuCoor_f::y.

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◆ cloud_sim_init()

◆ cloud_sim_move()

void cloud_sim_move ( void  )

periodic call for moving waypoints

Definition at line 130 of file cloud_sim.c.

References cloud_sim, cloud_sim_circle_id, CLOUD_SIM_POLYGON, cloud_sim_polygon, CLOUD_SIM_WP, CLOUD_SIM_WPS_NB, CloudSim::mode, nav_move_waypoint_point(), nav_send_waypoint(), CloudSim::speed, waypoints, point::x, FloatVect2::x, point::y, and FloatVect2::y.

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◆ cloud_sim_reset()

void cloud_sim_reset ( bool  reset)

reset handler

Definition at line 154 of file cloud_sim.c.

References cloud_sim, cloud_sim_circle_id, cloud_sim_polygon, CLOUD_SIM_WPS_NB, nav_move_waypoint_point(), nav_send_waypoint(), CloudSim::reset, and reset.

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Variable Documentation

◆ cloud_sim

struct CloudSim cloud_sim

Definition at line 72 of file cloud_sim.c.

Referenced by cloud_sim_detect(), cloud_sim_init(), cloud_sim_move(), and cloud_sim_reset().