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tag_tracking.h File Reference
#include "std.h"
#include "math/pprz_algebra_float.h"
#include "math/pprz_geodetic_float.h"
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Data Structures

struct  tag_tracking_public




void tag_tracking_init (void)
void tag_tracking_propagate (void)
void tag_tracking_propagate_start (void)
void tag_tracking_report (void)
void tag_tracking_parse_target_pos (uint8_t *buf)
void tag_tracking_compute_speed (void)
 Control function. More...


struct tag_tracking_public tag_tracking

Data Structure Documentation

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struct tag_tracking_public

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Data Fields
float kp horizontal tracking command gain
float kpz vertical tracking command gain
uint8_t motion_type type of tag motion
struct FloatVect3 pos estimated position
float predict_time prediction time for WP tag
struct FloatVect3 speed estimated speed
struct NedCoor_f speed_cmd speed command to track the tag position
uint8_t status tracking status flag

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Function Documentation

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void tag_tracking_compute_speed ( void  )

Control function.

calling this function only updates the command vector it can be applied to the guidance control using the guided mode or from the flight plan with 'guided' instruction

Definition at line 393 of file tag_tracking.c.

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◆ tag_tracking_parse_target_pos()

void tag_tracking_parse_target_pos ( uint8_t buf)

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◆ tag_tracking_propagate_start()

void tag_tracking_propagate_start ( void  )

Definition at line 349 of file tag_tracking.c.

References kalman, simple_kinematic_kalman_init(), tag_track_dt, tag_track_private, TAG_TRACKING_P0_POS, TAG_TRACKING_P0_SPEED, TAG_TRACKING_Q_SIGMA2, TAG_TRACKING_R, TAG_TRACKING_SEARCHING, and tag_tracking::timeout.

Referenced by tag_tracking_propagate().

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