Paparazzi UAS  v7.0_unstable
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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1 #ifndef NPS_SENSORS_H
2 #define NPS_SENSORS_H
4 #include "math/pprz_algebra.h"
7 #include "nps_sensors_params_default.h"
8 #else
10 #endif /* NPS_SENSORS_PARAMS */
11 #include "nps_sensor_gyro.h"
12 #include "nps_sensor_accel.h"
13 #include "nps_sensor_mag.h"
14 #include "nps_sensor_baro.h"
15 #include "nps_sensor_gps.h"
16 #include "nps_sensor_sonar.h"
17 #include "nps_sensor_airspeed.h"
18 #include "nps_sensor_temperature.h"
19 #include "nps_sensor_aoa.h"
20 #include "nps_sensor_sideslip.h"
22 struct NpsSensors {
24  struct NpsSensorGyro gyro;
25  struct NpsSensorAccel accel;
26  struct NpsSensorMag mag;
27  struct NpsSensorBaro baro;
28  struct NpsSensorGps gps;
29  struct NpsSensorSonar sonar;
34 };
36 extern struct NpsSensors sensors;
38 extern void nps_sensors_init(double time);
39 extern void nps_sensors_run_step(double time);
41 extern bool nps_sensors_gyro_available();
42 extern bool nps_sensors_mag_available();
43 extern bool nps_sensors_baro_available();
44 extern bool nps_sensors_gps_available();
45 extern bool nps_sensors_sonar_available();
46 extern bool nps_sensors_airspeed_available();
48 extern bool nps_sensors_aoa_available();
51 #endif /* NPS_SENSORS_H */
rotation matrix
Simulated airspeed for NPS simulator.
Simulated Angle Of Attack of the Wind for NPS simulator.
Simulated Angle Of Attack of the Wind for NPS simulator.
Simulated sonar for NPS simulator.
struct NpsSensorGps gps
Definition: nps_sensors.h:28
bool nps_sensors_gps_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:67
void nps_sensors_init(double time)
Definition: nps_sensors.c:5
struct NpsSensors sensors
Definition: nps_sensors.c:3
struct DoubleRMat body_to_imu_rmat
Definition: nps_sensors.h:23
bool nps_sensors_mag_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:49
struct NpsSensorMag mag
Definition: nps_sensors.h:26
bool nps_sensors_gyro_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:40
struct NpsSensorAirspeed airspeed
Definition: nps_sensors.h:30
bool nps_sensors_airspeed_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:85
struct NpsSensorGyro gyro
Definition: nps_sensors.h:24
struct NpsSensorTemperature temp
Definition: nps_sensors.h:31
struct NpsSensorAccel accel
Definition: nps_sensors.h:25
struct NpsSensorSideSlip sideslip
Definition: nps_sensors.h:33
struct NpsSensorAngleOfAttack aoa
Definition: nps_sensors.h:32
bool nps_sensors_temperature_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:94
struct NpsSensorBaro baro
Definition: nps_sensors.h:27
void nps_sensors_run_step(double time)
Definition: nps_sensors.c:25
struct NpsSensorSonar sonar
Definition: nps_sensors.h:29
bool nps_sensors_sonar_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:76
bool nps_sensors_sideslip_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:112
bool nps_sensors_baro_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:58
bool nps_sensors_aoa_available()
Definition: nps_sensors.c:103
Paparazzi generic algebra macros.