Paparazzi UAS  v6.2_unstable
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nav_survey_zamboni.c File Reference
#include "modules/nav/nav_survey_zamboni.h"
#include "firmwares/fixedwing/nav.h"
#include "autopilot.h"
#include "generated/flight_plan.h"
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void nav_survey_zamboni_setup (uint8_t center_wp, uint8_t dir_wp, float sweep_length, float sweep_spacing, int sweep_lines, float altitude)
 initializes the variables needed for the survey to start. More...
bool nav_survey_zamboni_run (void)
 main navigation routine. More...


struct ZamboniSurvey zs

Detailed Description

Zamboni pattern survey for fixedwings.

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◆ nav_survey_zamboni_setup()

void nav_survey_zamboni_setup ( uint8_t  center_wp,
uint8_t  dir_wp,
float  sweep_length,
float  sweep_spacing,
int  sweep_lines,
float  altitude 

initializes the variables needed for the survey to start.

center_wpthe waypoint defining the center of the survey-rectangle
dir_wpthe waypoint defining the orientation of the survey-rectangle
sweep_lengththe length of the survey-rectangle
sweep_spacingdistance between the sweeps
sweep_linesnumber of sweep_lines to fly
altitudethe altitude that must be reached before the flyover starts

Definition at line 57 of file nav_survey_zamboni.c.

References ZamboniSurvey::altitude, altitude, ZamboniSurvey::current_laps, ZamboniSurvey::flight_angle, FLOAT_VECT2_NORMALIZE, NavVerticalAltitudeMode, NavVerticalAutoThrottleMode, ZamboniSurvey::pre_leave_angle, ZamboniSurvey::ret_end, ZamboniSurvey::ret_start, ZamboniSurvey::return_angle, ZamboniSurvey::seg_end, ZamboniSurvey::seg_start, ZamboniSurvey::stage, ZamboniSurvey::sweep_width, ZamboniSurvey::total_laps, ZamboniSurvey::turn_center1, ZamboniSurvey::turn_center2, ZamboniSurvey::turnradius1, ZamboniSurvey::turnradius2, VECT2_COPY, VECT2_DIFF, VECT2_SMUL, VECT2_SUM, waypoints, ZamboniSurvey::wp_center, ZamboniSurvey::wp_dir, FloatVect2::x, FloatVect2::y, Z_ENTRY, and zs.

Variable Documentation

◆ zs

struct ZamboniSurvey zs

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Referenced by nav_survey_zamboni_run(), and nav_survey_zamboni_setup().