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nav_rotorcraft_hybrid.h File Reference

Specific navigation functions for hybrid aircraft. More...

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void nav_rotorcraft_hybrid_init (void)
 Init and register nav functions. More...


float nav_max_speed
float nav_goto_max_speed
float nav_max_deceleration_sp
float nav_hybrid_line_gain
float nav_hybrid_pos_gain
float nav_hybrid_max_bank
bool force_forward
 forward flight for hybrid nav More...

Detailed Description

Specific navigation functions for hybrid aircraft.

FIXME for now, build on top of nav_rotorcraft_base

Definition in file nav_rotorcraft_hybrid.h.

Function Documentation

◆ nav_rotorcraft_hybrid_init()

void nav_rotorcraft_hybrid_init ( void  )

Init and register nav functions.

For hybrid vehicle nav Init should be called after the normal rotorcraft nav_init as we are reusing some of the functions and overwritting others

Definition at line 283 of file nav_rotorcraft_hybrid.c.

References NavBase_t::circle, DEFAULT_CIRCLE_RADIUS, NavBase_t::goto_wp, NavGoto_t::leg_length, NavGoto_t::leg_progress, nav_hybrid_approaching(), nav_hybrid_circle(), nav_hybrid_goto(), nav_hybrid_route(), nav_register_circle(), nav_register_goto_wp(), nav_rotorcraft_base, and NavCircle_t::radius.

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Variable Documentation

◆ force_forward

bool force_forward

forward flight for hybrid nav

Definition at line 122 of file guidance_indi_hybrid.c.

Referenced by nav_hybrid_circle(), nav_hybrid_goto(), nav_hybrid_route(), and rotwing_state_set_state_settings().

◆ nav_goto_max_speed

float nav_goto_max_speed

Definition at line 54 of file nav_rotorcraft_hybrid.c.

Referenced by nav_hybrid_goto(), and rotwing_state_set_state_settings().

◆ nav_hybrid_line_gain

float nav_hybrid_line_gain

Definition at line 65 of file nav_rotorcraft_hybrid.c.

Referenced by nav_hybrid_route().

◆ nav_hybrid_max_bank

float nav_hybrid_max_bank

Definition at line 33 of file nav_rotorcraft_hybrid.c.

Referenced by init_controller(), and nav_hybrid_circle().

◆ nav_hybrid_pos_gain

float nav_hybrid_pos_gain

◆ nav_max_deceleration_sp

float nav_max_deceleration_sp

Definition at line 60 of file nav_rotorcraft_hybrid.c.

Referenced by nav_hybrid_goto(), and rotwing_state_free_processor().

◆ nav_max_speed