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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
nav_rotorcraft_base.h File Reference
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#define NavCircleCount()   nav_circle_get_count(&
 Macros for circle and oval nav. More...
#define NavCircleQdr()   nav_circle_qdr(&
#define NavOvalCount   nav_rotorcraft_base.oval.count
#define NavQdrCloseTo(x)   CloseDegAngles(x, NavCircleQdr())
 True if x (in degrees) is close to the current QDR (less than 10 degrees) More...
#define NavCourseCloseTo(x)   CloseDegAngles(x, DegOfRad(stateGetHorizontalSpeedDir_f()))


void nav_rotorcraft_init (void)
 Init and register nav functions. More...


struct NavBase_t nav_rotorcraft_base
 Basic Nav struct. More...

Detailed Description

2018 Gautier Hattenberger Basic navigation functions for Rotorcraft

Definition in file nav_rotorcraft_base.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ NavCircleCount

#define NavCircleCount ( )    nav_circle_get_count(&

Macros for circle and oval nav.

Definition at line 41 of file nav_rotorcraft_base.h.

◆ NavCircleQdr

#define NavCircleQdr ( )    nav_circle_qdr(&

Definition at line 42 of file nav_rotorcraft_base.h.

◆ NavCourseCloseTo

#define NavCourseCloseTo (   x)    CloseDegAngles(x, DegOfRad(stateGetHorizontalSpeedDir_f()))

Definition at line 48 of file nav_rotorcraft_base.h.

◆ NavOvalCount

#define NavOvalCount   nav_rotorcraft_base.oval.count

Definition at line 43 of file nav_rotorcraft_base.h.

◆ NavQdrCloseTo

#define NavQdrCloseTo (   x)    CloseDegAngles(x, NavCircleQdr())

True if x (in degrees) is close to the current QDR (less than 10 degrees)

Definition at line 47 of file nav_rotorcraft_base.h.

Function Documentation

◆ nav_rotorcraft_init()

Variable Documentation

◆ nav_rotorcraft_base