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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
inter_thread_data.h File Reference

Inter-thread data structures. More...

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Data Structures

struct  opticflow_result_t

Detailed Description

Inter-thread data structures.

Data structures used to for inter-thread communication via Unix Domain sockets.

Definition in file inter_thread_data.h.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ opticflow_result_t

struct opticflow_result_t

Definition at line 37 of file inter_thread_data.h.

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Data Fields
uint8_t camera_id Camera id as passed to cv_add_to_device.
uint16_t corner_cnt The amount of coners found by FAST9.
float div_size Divergence as determined with the size_divergence script.
float divergence Divergence as determined with a linear flow fit.
int16_t flow_der_x The derotated flow calculation in the x direction (in subpixels)
int16_t flow_der_y The derotated flow calculation in the y direction (in subpixels)
int16_t flow_x Flow in x direction from the camera (in subpixels) with X positive to the right.
int16_t flow_y Flow in y direction from the camera (in subpixels) with Y positive to the bottom.
float fps Frames per second of the optical flow calculation.
float noise_measurement noise of measurement, for state filter
float surface_roughness Surface roughness as determined with a linear optical flow fit.
uint16_t tracked_cnt The amount of tracked corners.
struct FloatVect3 vel_body The velocity in body frame (m/s) with X positive to the front of the aircraft, Y positive to the right and Z positive downwards to the ground.
struct FloatVect3 vel_cam The velocity in camera frame (m/s)