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exif_module.h File Reference
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int write_exif_jpeg (char *filename, const unsigned char *image_jpg, const unsigned int image_jpg_len, const unsigned int image_jpg_x, const unsigned int image_jpg_y)
void push_gps_to_vision (void)

Detailed Description

Write JPEG images containing EXIF headers with GPS coordinates.

Definition in file exif_module.h.

Function Documentation

◆ push_gps_to_vision()

void push_gps_to_vision ( void  )

Definition at line 38 of file exif_module.c.

References alt_mm, gps, GpsState::hmsl, LlaCoor_i::lat, lat_em7deg, LlaCoor_i::lon, lon_em7deg, and stateGetPositionLla_i().

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◆ write_exif_jpeg()

int write_exif_jpeg ( char *  filename,
const unsigned char *  image_jpg,
const unsigned int  image_jpg_len,
const unsigned int  image_jpg_x,
const unsigned int  image_jpg_y 

Definition at line 146 of file exif_module.c.

References LlaCoor_i::alt, alt_mm, ASCII_COMMENT, create_tag(), exif_header, exif_header_len, f, FILE_BYTE_ORDER, FILE_COMMENT, image_data_len, image_data_offset, init_tag(), LlaCoor_i::lat, lat_em7deg, LlaCoor_i::lon, and lon_em7deg.

Referenced by save_shot_on_disk(), and video_capture_save().

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