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mpu9250.c File Reference

MPU-9250 driver common functions (I2C and SPI). More...

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void mpu9250_set_default_config (struct Mpu9250Config *c)
void mpu9250_send_config (Mpu9250ConfigSet mpu_set, void *mpu, struct Mpu9250Config *config)
 Configuration sequence called once before normal use. More...


const float MPU9250_GYRO_SENS [4]
const struct Int32Rates MPU9250_GYRO_SENS_FRAC [4][2]
const float MPU9250_ACCEL_SENS [4]
const struct Int32Vect3 MPU9250_ACCEL_SENS_FRAC [4][2]

Detailed Description

MPU-9250 driver common functions (I2C and SPI).

Still needs the either I2C or SPI specific implementation.

Definition in file mpu9250.c.

Function Documentation

◆ mpu9250_send_config()

◆ mpu9250_set_default_config()

Variable Documentation


const float MPU9250_ACCEL_SENS[4]
Initial value:
= {
#define MPU9250_ACCEL_SENS_2G
default accel sensitivy from the datasheet sens = 9.81 [m/s^2] / [LSB/g] * 2^INT32_ACCEL_FRAC ex: MPU...
Definition: mpu9250.h:84
#define MPU9250_ACCEL_SENS_16G
Definition: mpu9250.h:93
#define MPU9250_ACCEL_SENS_4G
Definition: mpu9250.h:87
#define MPU9250_ACCEL_SENS_8G
Definition: mpu9250.h:90

Definition at line 50 of file mpu9250.c.


const struct Int32Vect3 MPU9250_ACCEL_SENS_FRAC[4][2]


const float MPU9250_GYRO_SENS[4]
Initial value:
= {
#define MPU9250_GYRO_SENS_500
Definition: mpu9250.h:64
#define MPU9250_GYRO_SENS_2000
Definition: mpu9250.h:70
#define MPU9250_GYRO_SENS_1000
Definition: mpu9250.h:67
#define MPU9250_GYRO_SENS_250
default gyro sensitivy from the datasheet sens = 1/ [LSB/(deg/s)] * pi/180 * 2^INT32_RATE_FRAC ex: MP...
Definition: mpu9250.h:61

Definition at line 32 of file mpu9250.c.


const struct Int32Rates MPU9250_GYRO_SENS_FRAC[4][2]