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shift_tracking.h File Reference
#include "std.h"
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Data Structures

struct  shift_tracking_t


#define shift_tracking_SetKp(_v)   { = _v; shift_tracking_update_gains(); }
 hndlers for gains update More...
#define shift_tracking_SetKd(_v)   { shift_tracking.kd = _v; shift_tracking_update_gains(); }
#define shift_tracking_SetKi(_v)   { = _v; shift_tracking_update_gains(); }


void shift_tracking_init (void)
 init function More...
void shift_tracking_run (float *shift)
 run function More...
void shift_tracking_reset (void)
 reset function More...
void shift_tracking_update_gains (void)


struct shift_tracking_t shift_tracking

Detailed Description

Gautier Hattenberger

pilot the nav shift variable to track an offset trajectory based on the POSITION_ESTIMATE ABI message

Definition in file shift_tracking.h.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ shift_tracking_t

struct shift_tracking_t

Definition at line 34 of file shift_tracking.h.

Data Fields
float kd derivative gain
float ki integral gain
float kp proportional gain
float shift shift command

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ shift_tracking_SetKd

#define shift_tracking_SetKd (   _v)    { shift_tracking.kd = _v; shift_tracking_update_gains(); }

Definition at line 64 of file shift_tracking.h.

◆ shift_tracking_SetKi

#define shift_tracking_SetKi (   _v)    { = _v; shift_tracking_update_gains(); }

Definition at line 65 of file shift_tracking.h.

◆ shift_tracking_SetKp

#define shift_tracking_SetKp (   _v)    { = _v; shift_tracking_update_gains(); }

hndlers for gains update

Definition at line 63 of file shift_tracking.h.

Function Documentation

◆ shift_tracking_init()

◆ shift_tracking_reset()

void shift_tracking_reset ( void  )

reset function

reset integral and offset command

Definition at line 127 of file shift_tracking.c.

References shift_tracking_private::pid, reset_pid_f(), shift_tracking_private::shift, shift_tracking_t::shift, shift_tracking, and stp.

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◆ shift_tracking_run()

void shift_tracking_run ( float *  shift)

run function

should be called in flight plan pre_call

[out]shiftpointer to the navigation shift to control

Definition at line 136 of file shift_tracking.c.

References shift_tracking_private::dir, nav_dt, shift_tracking_private::pid, shift_tracking_private::pos, shift_tracking_private::shift, shift_tracking_t::shift, shift_tracking, SHIFT_TRACKING_MAXSHIFT, stp, update_pid_f(), FloatVect3::x, and FloatVect3::y.

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◆ shift_tracking_update_gains()

void shift_tracking_update_gains ( void  )

Definition at line 163 of file shift_tracking.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ shift_tracking

struct shift_tracking_t shift_tracking

Definition at line 1 of file shift_tracking.c.

Referenced by shift_tracking_init(), shift_tracking_reset(), and shift_tracking_run().