Paparazzi UAS  v7.0_unstable
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
protocol.c File Reference
#include "protocol.h"
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#define UNINIT   0
 Receiving pprz messages. More...
#define GOT_STX   1
#define GOT_LENGTH   2
#define GOT_MSGID   3
#define GOT_PAYLOAD   4
#define GOT_CRC1   5


void parse_mora (struct mora_transport *t, uint8_t c)


uint8_t mora_ck_a
uint8_t mora_ck_b
struct mora_transport mora_protocol

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#define GOT_CRC1   5

Definition at line 16 of file protocol.c.


#define GOT_LENGTH   2

Definition at line 13 of file protocol.c.


#define GOT_MSGID   3

Definition at line 14 of file protocol.c.


#define GOT_PAYLOAD   4

Definition at line 15 of file protocol.c.


#define GOT_STX   1

Definition at line 12 of file protocol.c.


#define UNINIT   0

Receiving pprz messages.

Definition at line 11 of file protocol.c.

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◆ parse_mora()

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◆ mora_ck_a

uint8_t mora_ck_a

Definition at line 5 of file protocol.c.

◆ mora_ck_b

uint8_t mora_ck_b

Definition at line 5 of file protocol.c.

◆ mora_protocol

struct mora_transport mora_protocol

Definition at line 5 of file protocol.c.

Referenced by digital_cam_uart_event(), and main().