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extra_pprz_dl.h File Reference

Extra datalink and telemetry using PPRZ protocol. More...

#include "modules/datalink/datalink.h"
#include "pprzlink/pprz_transport.h"
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void extra_pprz_dl_event (void)
 Datalink Event. More...
void extra_pprz_dl_init (void)
 Init function. More...
void extra_pprz_dl_periodic (void)
 Periodic function. More...


struct pprz_transport extra_pprz_tp
uint8_t extra_dl_buffer [MSG_SIZE]

Detailed Description

Extra datalink and telemetry using PPRZ protocol.

Definition in file extra_pprz_dl.h.

Function Documentation

◆ extra_pprz_dl_event()

void extra_pprz_dl_event ( void  )

Datalink Event.

Definition at line 65 of file extra_pprz_dl.c.

References DlCheckAndParse(), extra_dl_buffer, extra_dl_msg_available, extra_pprz_tp, and EXTRA_PPRZ_UPDATE_DL.

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◆ extra_pprz_dl_init()

void extra_pprz_dl_init ( void  )

Init function.

Definition at line 59 of file extra_pprz_dl.c.

References extra_pprz_tp.

◆ extra_pprz_dl_periodic()

void extra_pprz_dl_periodic ( void  )

Periodic function.

should be called at TELEMETRY_FREQUENCY

Definition at line 72 of file extra_pprz_dl.c.

References DefaultPeriodic, and extra_pprz_tp.

Variable Documentation

◆ extra_dl_buffer

uint8_t extra_dl_buffer[MSG_SIZE]

◆ extra_pprz_tp