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libisp.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  libisp_context
struct  libisp_config
struct  isp_yuv_stats_t


#define EXPAND_AS_ENUM(_node)    _node,
#define EXPAND_AS_PROTOTYPE(_node)


enum  { ISP_NODE_NR }


int configure_isp (struct v4l2_device *dev)
int isp_get_statistics_yuv (struct isp_yuv_stats_t *yuv_stats)
int isp_request_statistics_yuv_window (uint16_t x_start, uint16_t x_end, uint16_t y_start, uint16_t y_end, uint16_t x_odd_inc, uint16_t y_odd_inc)

Data Structure Documentation

◆ libisp_context

struct libisp_context

Definition at line 50 of file libisp.h.

Data Fields
unsigned long avi_base
int devmem
unsigned offsets[ISP_NODE_NR]

◆ libisp_config

struct libisp_config

Definition at line 57 of file libisp.h.

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Data Fields
struct avi_isp_bayer_regs bayer < Chromatic abberation (Disabled for now)

Demosaicking parameters

struct avi_isp_chain_bayer_inter_regs bayer_inter Enable or disable bayer ISP functions by bypassing them.
struct avi_isp_chain_yuv_inter_regs chain_yuv_inter YUV chain bypass configuration (enable/disable features)
struct avi_isp_chroma_regs chroma Color space conversion.
struct avi_isp_color_correction_regs color_correction Color correction parameters.
struct avi_isp_dead_pixel_correction_regs dead_pixel_correction Dead pixel correction (disabled)
struct avi_isp_denoising_regs denoising Denoising parameters.
struct avi_isp_edge_enhancement_color_reduction_filter_regs eecrf Edge enhancement + Color reduction.
struct avi_isp_edge_enhancement_color_reduction_filter_ee_lut_regs eecrf_lut Edge enhancement + Color correction lut.
struct avi_isp_gamma_corrector_regs gamma_corrector Gamma corrector (Curves)
struct avi_isp_gamma_corrector_bv_lut_regs gc_bv_lut Gamma corrector BV lut.
struct avi_isp_gamma_corrector_gu_lut_regs gc_gu_lut Gamma corrector GU lut.
struct avi_isp_gamma_corrector_ry_lut_regs gc_ry_lut Gamma corrector RY lut.
struct avi_isp_green_imbalance_regs green_imbalance Green imbalance correction.
struct avi_isp_green_imbalance_green_blue_coeff_mem_regs grim_gb Green imbalance GB coefficients.
struct avi_isp_green_imbalance_green_red_coeff_mem_regs grim_gr Green imbalance GR coefficients.
struct avi_isp_lens_shading_correction_regs lens_shading_correction Lens shade correction.
struct avi_isp_lens_shading_correction_blue_coeff_mem_regs lsc_blue_coeffs Lens shade correction blue coefficients.
struct avi_isp_lens_shading_correction_green_coeff_mem_regs lsc_green_coeffs Lens shade correction green coefficients.
struct avi_isp_lens_shading_correction_red_coeff_mem_regs lsc_red_coeffs Lens shade correction red coefficients.
struct avi_isp_pedestal_regs pedestal Pedestral parameters (substract from pixels)
struct avi_isp_statistics_bayer_regs statistics_bayer Statistics bayer parameters.
struct avi_isp_statistics_yuv_regs statistics_yuv YUV statistics parameters.
struct avi_isp_vlformat_32to40_regs vlformat_32to40 Conversion factor (10bit to 10bit default)
struct avi_isp_vlformat_40to32_regs vlformat_40to32 Conversion factor (10bit to 10bit default)

◆ isp_yuv_stats_t

struct isp_yuv_stats_t

Definition at line 91 of file libisp.h.

Data Fields
uint32_t ae_histogram_Y[256]
uint32_t awb_nb_grey_pixels
uint32_t awb_sum_U
uint32_t awb_sum_V
uint32_t awb_sum_Y
uint32_t nb_valid_Y

Macro Definition Documentation



Definition at line 7 of file libisp.h.


#define EXPAND_AS_ENUM (   _node)     _node,

Definition at line 41 of file libisp.h.


#define EXPAND_AS_PROTOTYPE (   _node)
void avi_isp_ ## _node ## _set_registers(struct libisp_context *, \
struct avi_isp_ ## _node ## _regs const *regs); \
void avi_isp_ ## _node ## _get_registers(struct libisp_context *, \
struct avi_isp_ ## _node ## _regs *regs);

Definition at line 106 of file libisp.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 44 of file libisp.h.

Function Documentation

◆ configure_isp()

◆ isp_get_statistics_yuv()

◆ isp_request_statistics_yuv_window()

int isp_request_statistics_yuv_window ( uint16_t  x_start,
uint16_t  x_end,
uint16_t  y_start,
uint16_t  y_end,
uint16_t  x_odd_inc,
uint16_t  y_odd_inc 

Definition at line 214 of file libisp.c.

References requestWindow, and VERBOSE_PRINT.

Referenced by mt9f002_init(), and mt9f002_setting_update_resolution().

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