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crtp.h File Reference

CRTP protocol for communication with bitcraze/crazyflie modems. More...

#include "std.h"
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Data Structures

struct  crtp_message_t
struct  crtp_commander
union  crtp_message_t.__unnamed290__
struct  crtp_message_t.__unnamed290__.__unnamed292__


#define CRTP_PORT_CONSOLE   0x00
#define CRTP_PORT_PARAM   0x02
#define CRTP_PORT_COMMANDER   0x03
#define CRTP_PORT_MEM   0x04
#define CRTP_PORT_LOG   0x05
#define CRTP_PORT_PPRZLINK   0x09
#define CRTP_PORT_DEBUG   0x0E
#define CRTP_PORT_LINK   0x0F
#define CRTP_NULL(x)   (((x).header & 0xf3) == 0xf3)
#define CRTP_MAX_DATA_SIZE   31

Detailed Description

CRTP protocol for communication with bitcraze/crazyflie modems.

based on PX4 implementation

Definition in file crtp.h.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ crtp_message_t

struct crtp_message_t

Definition at line 52 of file crtp.h.

Data Fields
union crtp_message_t __unnamed__
uint8_t data[CRTP_MAX_DATA_SIZE]
uint8_t size

◆ crtp_commander

struct crtp_commander

Definition at line 67 of file crtp.h.

Data Fields
float pitch
float roll
uint16_t thrust
float yaw

◆ crtp_message_t.__unnamed290__

union crtp_message_t.__unnamed290__

Definition at line 54 of file crtp.h.

Data Fields
__unnamed290__ __unnamed__
uint8_t header

◆ crtp_message_t.__unnamed290__.__unnamed292__

struct crtp_message_t.__unnamed290__.__unnamed292__

Definition at line 56 of file crtp.h.

Data Fields
uint8_t channel: 2
uint8_t link: 2
uint8_t port: 4

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CRTP_MAX_DATA_SIZE   31

Definition at line 50 of file crtp.h.


#define CRTP_NULL (   x)    (((x).header & 0xf3) == 0xf3)

Definition at line 46 of file crtp.h.


#define CRTP_PORT_COMMANDER   0x03

Definition at line 36 of file crtp.h.


#define CRTP_PORT_CONSOLE   0x00

Definition at line 34 of file crtp.h.


#define CRTP_PORT_DEBUG   0x0E

Definition at line 43 of file crtp.h.


#define CRTP_PORT_LINK   0x0F

Definition at line 44 of file crtp.h.


#define CRTP_PORT_LOG   0x05

Definition at line 38 of file crtp.h.


#define CRTP_PORT_MEM   0x04

Definition at line 37 of file crtp.h.


#define CRTP_PORT_PARAM   0x02

Definition at line 35 of file crtp.h.



Definition at line 42 of file crtp.h.


#define CRTP_PORT_PPRZLINK   0x09

Definition at line 40 of file crtp.h.