Paparazzi UAS  v5.18.0_stable
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
imu.h File Reference
#include "math/pprz_algebra_int.h"
#include "math/pprz_algebra_float.h"
#include "math/pprz_orientation_conversion.h"
#include "generated/airframe.h"
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Data Structures

struct  Imu
 abstract IMU interface providing fixed point interface


#define IMU_BODY_TO_IMU_PHI   0
#define IMU_BODY_TO_IMU_PSI   0
#define IMU_GYRO_P_NEUTRAL   0
#define IMU_GYRO_Q_NEUTRAL   0
#define IMU_GYRO_R_NEUTRAL   0
#define IMU_MAG_X_NEUTRAL   0
#define IMU_MAG_Y_NEUTRAL   0
#define IMU_MAG_Z_NEUTRAL   0
#define IMU_GYRO_P_SIGN   1
#define IMU_GYRO_Q_SIGN   1
#define IMU_GYRO_R_SIGN   1
#define IMU_ACCEL_X_SIGN   1
#define IMU_ACCEL_Y_SIGN   1
#define IMU_ACCEL_Z_SIGN   1
#define IMU_MAG_X_SIGN   1
#define IMU_MAG_Y_SIGN   1
#define IMU_MAG_Z_SIGN   1


void imu_init (void)
void imu_SetBodyToImuPhi (float phi)
void imu_SetBodyToImuTheta (float theta)
void imu_SetBodyToImuPsi (float psi)
void imu_SetBodyToImuCurrent (float set)
void imu_ResetBodyToImu (float reset)
void imu_scale_gyro (struct Imu *_imu)
void imu_scale_accel (struct Imu *_imu)
void imu_scale_mag (struct Imu *_imu)


struct Imu imu
 global IMU state More...

Detailed Description

Inertial Measurement Unit interface.

Definition in file imu.h.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ Imu

struct Imu

abstract IMU interface providing fixed point interface

Definition at line 37 of file imu.h.

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Data Fields
struct Int32Vect3 accel accelerometer measurements in m/s^2 in BFP with INT32_ACCEL_FRAC
struct Int32Vect3 accel_neutral static accelerometer bias from calibration in raw/unscaled units
struct Int32Vect3 accel_prev previous accelerometer measurements
struct Int32Vect3 accel_unscaled unscaled accelerometer measurements
bool b2i_set_current flag for adjusting body_to_imu via settings.

if FALSE, reset to airframe values, if TRUE set current roll/pitch

struct OrientationReps body_to_imu rotation from body to imu frame
struct Int32Rates gyro gyroscope measurements in rad/s in BFP with INT32_RATE_FRAC
struct Int32Rates gyro_neutral static gyroscope bias from calibration in raw/unscaled units
struct Int32Rates gyro_prev previous gyroscope measurements
struct Int32Rates gyro_unscaled unscaled gyroscope measurements
struct Int32Vect3 mag magnetometer measurements scaled to 1 in BFP with INT32_MAG_FRAC
struct Int32Vect3 mag_neutral magnetometer neutral readings (bias) in raw/unscaled units
struct Int32Vect3 mag_unscaled unscaled magnetometer measurements

Macro Definition Documentation



Definition at line 90 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_ACCEL_X_SIGN   1

Definition at line 107 of file imu.h.



Definition at line 91 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_ACCEL_Y_SIGN   1

Definition at line 108 of file imu.h.



Definition at line 92 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_ACCEL_Z_SIGN   1

Definition at line 109 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_BODY_TO_IMU_PHI   0

Definition at line 78 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_BODY_TO_IMU_PSI   0

Definition at line 80 of file imu.h.



Definition at line 79 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_GYRO_P_NEUTRAL   0

Definition at line 84 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_GYRO_P_SIGN   1

Definition at line 102 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_GYRO_Q_NEUTRAL   0

Definition at line 85 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_GYRO_Q_SIGN   1

Definition at line 103 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_GYRO_R_NEUTRAL   0

Definition at line 86 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_GYRO_R_SIGN   1

Definition at line 104 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_MAG_X_NEUTRAL   0

Definition at line 96 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_MAG_X_SIGN   1

Definition at line 112 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_MAG_Y_NEUTRAL   0

Definition at line 97 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_MAG_Y_SIGN   1

Definition at line 113 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_MAG_Z_NEUTRAL   0

Definition at line 98 of file imu.h.


#define IMU_MAG_Z_SIGN   1

Definition at line 114 of file imu.h.

Function Documentation

◆ imu_init()

◆ imu_ResetBodyToImu()

void imu_ResetBodyToImu ( float  reset)

◆ imu_scale_accel()

◆ imu_scale_gyro()

◆ imu_scale_mag()

◆ imu_SetBodyToImuCurrent()

◆ imu_SetBodyToImuPhi()

void imu_SetBodyToImuPhi ( float  phi)

Definition at line 151 of file imu.c.

References Imu::body_to_imu, imu, orientationGetEulers_f(), orientationGetQuat_f(), orientationSetEulers_f(), and FloatEulers::phi.

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◆ imu_SetBodyToImuPsi()

void imu_SetBodyToImuPsi ( float  psi)

Definition at line 169 of file imu.c.

References Imu::body_to_imu, imu, orientationGetEulers_f(), orientationGetQuat_f(), orientationSetEulers_f(), and FloatEulers::psi.

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ imu_SetBodyToImuTheta()

void imu_SetBodyToImuTheta ( float  theta)

Definition at line 160 of file imu.c.

References Imu::body_to_imu, imu, orientationGetEulers_f(), orientationGetQuat_f(), orientationSetEulers_f(), and FloatEulers::theta.

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Variable Documentation

◆ imu

struct Imu imu

global IMU state

Definition at line 108 of file imu.c.

Referenced by ahrs_aligner_run(), ahrs_gx3_init(), ahrs_gx3_publish_imu(), direct_memory_logger_periodic(), gx3_packet_read_message(), handle_ins_msg(), high_speed_logger_spi_link_periodic(), imu_analog_periodic(), imu_apogee_downlink_raw(), imu_apogee_event(), imu_aspirin2_event(), imu_aspirin_event(), imu_aspirin_i2c_event(), imu_b2_event(), imu_bebop_event(), imu_bmi088_event(), imu_disco_event(), imu_drotek2_event(), imu_feed_gyro_accel(), imu_feed_mag(), imu_gl1_event(), imu_hbmini_downlink_raw(), imu_hbmini_event(), imu_init(), imu_krooz_downlink_raw(), imu_krooz_event(), imu_krooz_periodic(), imu_mpu9250_event(), imu_mpu_hmc_event(), imu_mpu_i2c_event(), imu_mpu_spi_event(), imu_navgo_downlink_raw(), imu_navgo_event(), imu_navstik_event(), imu_nps_event(), imu_ppzuav_event(), imu_px4_event(), imu_px4fmu_event(), imu_quality_assessment_periodic(), imu_SetBodyToImuCurrent(), imu_SetBodyToImuPhi(), imu_SetBodyToImuPsi(), imu_SetBodyToImuTheta(), imu_swing_event(), imu_um6_publish(), imu_umarim_downlink_raw(), imu_umarim_event(), imu_vectornav_propagate(), init_ap(), ins_int_propagate(), jevois_mavlink_filter_init(), jevois_mavlink_filter_periodic(), logger_uart_periodic(), mag_calib_ukf_run(), mag_hmc58xx_module_event(), mag_ist8310_module_event(), mag_lis3mdl_module_event(), mag_pitot_parse_msg(), mag_pitot_raw_downlink(), main_init(), navdata_publish_imu(), send_accel(), send_accel_raw(), send_accel_scaled(), send_aligner(), send_gyro(), send_gyro_raw(), send_gyro_scaled(), send_imu_mag_current(), send_mag(), send_mag_raw(), send_mag_scaled(), UM6_packet_read_message(), and wind_estimator_periodic().