Paparazzi UAS  v5.18.0_stable
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
ins_alt_float.c File Reference
#include "subsystems/ins/ins_alt_float.h"
#include "subsystems/abi.h"
#include "state.h"
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "mcu_periph/sys_time.h"
#include "subsystems/gps.h"
#include "firmwares/fixedwing/nav.h"
#include "generated/airframe.h"
#include "generated/modules.h"
#include "subsystems/sensors/baro.h"
#include "math/pprz_isa.h"
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 ABI binding for gps data. More...
#define GPS_SIGMA2   1.
#define GPS_R   2.


static void baro_cb (uint8_t sender_id, uint32_t stamp, float pressure)
static void gps_cb (uint8_t sender_id, uint32_t stamp, struct GpsState *gps_s)
static void accel_cb (uint8_t sender_id, uint32_t stamp, struct Int32Vect3 *accel)
static void body_to_imu_cb (uint8_t sender_id, struct FloatQuat *q_b2i_f)
static void alt_kalman_reset (void)
static void alt_kalman_init (void)
static void alt_kalman (float z_meas, float dt)
void ins_alt_float_update_gps (struct GpsState *gps_s)
void ins_alt_float_init (void)
void ins_reset_local_origin (void)
 Reset the geographic reference to the current GPS fix. More...
void ins_reset_altitude_ref (void)
 INS altitude reference reset. More...
void ins_alt_float_update_baro (float pressure)


struct InsAltFloat ins_altf
abi_event baro_ev
static abi_event gps_ev
static abi_event accel_ev
static abi_event body_to_imu_ev
static struct OrientationReps body_to_imu
static float p [2][2]

Detailed Description

Filters altitude and climb rate for fixedwings.

Definition in file ins_alt_float.c.

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#define GPS_R   2.

Definition at line 266 of file ins_alt_float.c.


#define GPS_SIGMA2   1.

Definition at line 265 of file ins_alt_float.c.



Definition at line 66 of file ins_alt_float.c.



ABI binding for gps data.

Used for GPS ABI messages.

Definition at line 79 of file ins_alt_float.c.



Definition at line 86 of file ins_alt_float.c.



Definition at line 49 of file ins_alt_float.c.

Function Documentation

◆ accel_cb()

static void accel_cb ( uint8_t  sender_id,
uint32_t  stamp,
struct Int32Vect3 accel 

Definition at line 371 of file ins_alt_float.c.

References ACCEL_BFP_OF_REAL, body_to_imu, int32_rmat_transp_vmult(), orientationGetRMat_i(), stateGetNedToBodyRMat_i(), stateSetAccelNed_i(), and Int32Vect3::z.

Referenced by ins_alt_float_init().

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◆ alt_kalman()

◆ alt_kalman_init()

static void alt_kalman_init ( void  )

Definition at line 278 of file ins_alt_float.c.

References alt_kalman_reset().

Referenced by ins_alt_float_init().

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◆ alt_kalman_reset()

static void alt_kalman_reset ( void  )

Definition at line 270 of file ins_alt_float.c.

References p.

Referenced by alt_kalman_init(), ins_alt_float_update_baro(), and ins_alt_float_update_gps().

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◆ baro_cb()

static void baro_cb ( uint8_t  sender_id,
uint32_t  stamp,
float  pressure 

Definition at line 358 of file ins_alt_float.c.

References ins_alt_float_update_baro().

Referenced by ins_alt_float_init().

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◆ body_to_imu_cb()

static void body_to_imu_cb ( uint8_t  sender_id,
struct FloatQuat q_b2i_f 

Definition at line 385 of file ins_alt_float.c.

References body_to_imu, and orientationSetQuat_f().

Referenced by ins_alt_float_init().

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◆ gps_cb()

static void gps_cb ( uint8_t  sender_id,
uint32_t  stamp,
struct GpsState gps_s 

Definition at line 364 of file ins_alt_float.c.

References ins_alt_float_update_gps().

Referenced by ins_alt_float_init().

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◆ ins_alt_float_init()

◆ ins_alt_float_update_baro()

◆ ins_alt_float_update_gps()

void ins_alt_float_update_gps ( struct GpsState gps_s)

◆ ins_reset_altitude_ref()

void ins_reset_altitude_ref ( void  )

INS altitude reference reset.

Reset only vertical reference to the current altitude. Does nothing if not implemented by specific INS algorithm.

Definition at line 153 of file ins_alt_float.c.

References UtmCoor_f::alt, gps, GpsState::hmsl, ins_altf, InsAltFloat::reset_alt_ref, state, stateSetLocalUtmOrigin_f(), and State::utm_origin_f.

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◆ ins_reset_local_origin()

void ins_reset_local_origin ( void  )

Reset the geographic reference to the current GPS fix.

INS local origin reset.

Definition at line 139 of file ins_alt_float.c.

References gps, ins_altf, InsAltFloat::origin_initialized, InsAltFloat::reset_alt_ref, stateSetLocalUtmOrigin_f(), and utm_float_from_gps().

Referenced by ins_alt_float_update_gps().

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Variable Documentation

◆ accel_ev

abi_event accel_ev

Definition at line 88 of file ins_alt_float.c.

Referenced by ins_alt_float_init().

◆ baro_ev

abi_event baro_ev

Definition at line 71 of file ins_alt_float.c.

Referenced by ins_alt_float_init().

◆ body_to_imu

◆ body_to_imu_ev

abi_event body_to_imu_ev

Definition at line 91 of file ins_alt_float.c.

Referenced by ins_alt_float_init().

◆ gps_ev

abi_event gps_ev

Definition at line 82 of file ins_alt_float.c.

Referenced by ins_alt_float_init().

◆ ins_altf

◆ p

float p[2][2]

Definition at line 268 of file ins_alt_float.c.

Referenced by _chvsnprintf(), ads1114_read(), alt_kalman(), alt_kalman_reset(), baro_apply_calibration(), baro_bmp280_event(), baro_bmp3_event(), bef(), bluegiga_broadcast_msg(), bluegiga_ch_available(), bluegiga_init(), bluegiga_load_tx(), bluegiga_transmit(), bmp085_compensated_pressure(), collective_tracking_control(), compensate_pressure(), ctc_target_send_info_to_nei(), cv_blob_locator_func(), dev_char_available(), dev_check_free_space(), dev_get_byte(), dev_put_buffer(), dev_put_byte(), dev_send_message(), distributed_circular(), dqrdc(), fast9_detect(), fast9_detect_pixel(), fit_linear_flow_field(), float_mat_exp(), frsky_x_serial_char_available(), frsky_x_serial_check_free_space(), frsky_x_serial_get_byte(), frsky_x_serial_put_buffer(), frsky_x_serial_put_byte(), frsky_x_serial_send_message(), get_dist2_to_point(), get_tas_factor(), gps_i2c_put_buffer(), grayscale_opencv_to_yuv422(), gvf_ellipse_info(), gvf_intercept_two_lines(), gvf_line_info(), gvf_segment_XY1_XY2(), gvf_sin_info(), handle_spi_thd(), handle_uart_rx(), handle_uart_tx(), htond(), htonf(), i2c_arch_init(), i2c_blocking_receive(), i2c_blocking_transceive(), i2c_blocking_transmit(), i2c_chibios_submit(), i2c_idle(), i2c_init(), i2c_linux_submit(), i2c_lpc21_idle(), i2c_lpc21_setbitrate(), i2c_lpc21_submit(), i2c_receive(), i2c_setbitrate(), i2c_submit(), i2c_thread(), i2c_transceive(), i2c_transmit(), I2cAutomaton(), I2cEndOfTransaction(), I2cFail(), I2cSendStart(), I2cSendStop(), image_labeling(), ins_mekf_wind_get_pos_ned(), ins_mekf_wind_set_pos_ned(), intercept_two_lines(), jpeg_create_svs_header(), logger_uart_periodic(), long_to_string_with_divisor(), ltoa(), mag_calc(), mavlink_send_attitude(), mavlink_send_attitude_quaternion(), mavlink_send_highres_imu(), mf_daq_send_state(), ms5607_calc(), ms5611_calc(), navdata_update(), operator delete(), opticFlowLK(), opticFlowLK_flat(), out_of_segment_area(), parse_mf_daq_msg(), pipe_arch_periph_init(), pipe_char_available(), pipe_check_free_space(), pipe_getch(), pipe_periph_init(), pipe_put_buffer(), pipe_put_byte(), pipe_receive(), pipe_send_message(), pipe_send_raw(), pprz_polyfit_float(), provide_rates(), px4flash_event(), rc_mode_switch(), RotateAndTranslateToWorld(), rtcm3_find_callback(), rtcm3_register_callback(), sdlog_send(), sdlogger_spi_direct_char_available(), sdlogger_spi_direct_check_free_space(), sdlogger_spi_direct_get_byte(), sdlogger_spi_direct_put_buffer(), sdlogger_spi_direct_put_byte(), sdlogger_spi_direct_send_message(), send_tune_roll(), sirf_parse_2(), sirf_parse_41(), softi2c_device_event(), softi2c_idle(), softi2c_spin(), softi2c_submit(), spi_blocking_transceive(), spi_init(), spi_lock(), spi_resume(), spi_slave_hs_transmit_buffer(), spi_slave_init(), spi_slave_register(), spi_slave_wait(), spi_submit(), SpiAutomaton(), SpiClearCPHA(), SpiClearCPOL(), SpiClearRti(), SpiDisable(), SpiDisableRti(), SpiDisableRxi(), SpiDisableTxi(), SpiEnableRti(), SpiEnableRxi(), SpiEnableTxi(), SpiEndOfTransaction(), SpiInitBuf(), SpiRead(), SpiReceive(), SpiSend(), SpiSetCPHA(), SpiSetDataSize(), SpiSlaveAutomaton(), SpiSlaveStart(), SpiStart(), SpiTransmit(), stabilization_attitude_init(), superbitrf_check_free_space(), superbitrf_transmit(), superbitrf_transmit_buffer(), tas_from_eas(), telemetry_intermcu_check_free_space(), telemetry_intermcu_put_buffer(), telemetry_intermcu_put_byte(), telemetry_intermcu_send_message(), teraranger_crc8(), THD_FUNCTION(), TranslateAndRotateFromWorld(), uart_char_available(), uart_check_free_space(), uart_disable_interrupts(), uart_enable_interrupts(), uart_getch(), uart_ISR(), uart_periph_init(), uart_periph_set_baudrate(), uart_periph_set_bits_stop_parity(), uart_periph_set_mode(), uart_put_buffer(), uart_put_byte(), uart_send_message(), uart_set_baudrate(), udp_arch_periph_init(), udp_char_available(), udp_check_free_space(), udp_getch(), udp_periph_init(), udp_put_buffer(), udp_put_byte(), udp_receive(), udp_send_message(), udp_send_raw(), UKF_Wind_Estimator_step(), usage(), usart_isr(), and wls_alloc().