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stabilization_attitude_quat_indi.h File Reference

This is the header file of the corresponding c file. More...

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Data Structures

struct  ReferenceSystem
struct  IndiVariables


void stabilization_indi_second_order_filter (struct FloatRates *input, struct FloatRates *filter_ddx, struct FloatRates *filter_dx, struct FloatRates *filter_x, float omega, float zeta, float omega_r)
void lms_estimation (void)


struct FloatRates g1
float g2
struct ReferenceSystem reference_acceleration
struct FloatRates g_est
bool_t use_adaptive_indi
struct Int32Eulers stab_att_sp_euler
 with INT32_ANGLE_FRAC More...
struct Int32Quat stab_att_sp_quat
 with INT32_QUAT_FRAC More...

Detailed Description

This is the header file of the corresponding c file.

Definition in file stabilization_attitude_quat_indi.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct ReferenceSystem

Definition at line 38 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_indi.h.

Data Fields
float err_p
float err_q
float err_r
float rate_p
float rate_q
float rate_r
struct IndiVariables

Definition at line 47 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_indi.h.

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Data Fields
struct FloatRates angular_accel_ref
struct FloatRates du
struct FloatRates filtered_rate
struct FloatRates filtered_rate_2deriv
struct FloatRates filtered_rate_deriv
struct FloatRates u
struct FloatRates u_act_dyn
struct FloatRates u_in
struct FloatRates udot
struct FloatRates udotdot

Function Documentation

void lms_estimation ( void  )

Definition at line 324 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_indi.c.

References g2, g2_est, INDI_EST_SCALE, mu, FloatRates::p, PERIODIC_FREQUENCY, FloatRates::q, FloatRates::r, stabilization_indi_second_order_filter(), stateGetBodyRates_f(), IndiVariables::u_act_dyn, and use_adaptive_indi.

Referenced by attitude_run_indi().

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void stabilization_indi_second_order_filter ( struct FloatRates input,
struct FloatRates filter_ddx,
struct FloatRates filter_dx,
struct FloatRates filter_x,
float  omega,
float  zeta,
float  omega_r 

Definition at line 309 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_indi.c.

References float_rates_integrate_fi(), omega_r, FloatRates::p, PERIODIC_FREQUENCY, FloatRates::q, and FloatRates::r.

Referenced by attitude_run_indi(), lms_estimation(), and stabilization_attitude_run().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

struct FloatRates g1

Definition at line 46 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_indi.c.

Referenced by gain_scheduling_periodic().

struct FloatRates g_est

Definition at line 80 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_indi.c.

struct ReferenceSystem reference_acceleration

Definition at line 48 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_indi.c.

struct Int32Eulers stab_att_sp_euler


Definition at line 45 of file stabilization_attitude_euler_float.c.

struct Int32Quat stab_att_sp_quat


Definition at line 41 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_float.c.

bool_t use_adaptive_indi

Definition at line 88 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_indi.c.

Referenced by lms_estimation().