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nav_bungee_takeoff.h File Reference

Takeoff functions for bungee takeoff. More...

#include "std.h"
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bool_t nav_bungee_takeoff_setup (uint8_t bungee_wp)
 Initialization function. More...
bool_t nav_bungee_takeoff_run (void)
 Bungee takeoff run function. More...

Detailed Description

Takeoff functions for bungee takeoff.

Run initialize function when the plane is on the bungee, the bungee is fully extended and you are ready to launch the plane. After initialized, the plane will follow a line drawn by the position of the plane on initialization and the position of the bungee (given in the arguments). Once the plane crosses the throttle line, which is perpendicular to the line the plane is following, and intersects the position of the bungee (plus or minus a fixed distance (BUNGEE_TAKEOFF_DISTANCE in airframe file) from the bungee just in case the bungee doesn't release exactly above the bungee) the prop will come on. The plane will then continue to follow the line until it has reached a specific height (defined in as BUNGEE_TAKEOFF_HEIGHT in airframe file) above the bungee waypoint and airspeed (defined as BUNGEE_TAKEOFF_AIRSPEED in the airframe file). The airspeed limit is only used if USE_AIRSPEED flag is defined or set to true (and assuming the airspeed is then available). It is also possible to specify the pitch angle (BUNGEE_TAKEOFF_PITCH) and the throttle (BUNGEE_TAKEOFF_THROTTLE, between 0 and 1).

* <section name="BUNGEE" prefix="BUNGEE_TAKEOFF_">
*   <define name="HEIGHT" value="30" unit="m"/>
*   <define name="AIRSPEED" value="15" unit="m/s"/>
*   <define name="DISTANCE" value="10" unit="m"/>
*   <define name="MIN_SPEED" value="5" unit="m/s"/>
*   <define name="PITCH" value="15." unit="deg"/>
*   <define name="THROTTLE" value="1.0"/>
* </section>

from OSAM advanced navigation routines

Definition in file nav_bungee_takeoff.h.

Function Documentation

bool_t nav_bungee_takeoff_setup ( uint8_t  bungee_wp)

Initialization function.

called in the flight plan before the 'run' function

[in]bungee_wpWaypoint ID correcponding to the bungee location
always false, since called only once by the flight plan

Definition at line 145 of file nav_bungee_takeoff.c.

References bungee_point, compute_points_from_bungee(), CTakeoffStatus, FALSE, kill_throttle, Launch, VECT3_ASSIGN, WaypointAlt, WaypointX, and WaypointY.

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