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attitude_ref_saturate_naive.h File Reference

Naive attitude reference saturation. More...

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Data Structures

struct  FloatRefSat
struct  Int32RefSat


#define SATURATE_SPEED_TRIM_ACCEL(_rate, _accel, _max_rate)
 saturate angular speed and trim accel accordingly More...


static void attitude_ref_float_saturate_naive (struct FloatRates *rate, struct FloatRates *accel, struct FloatRefSat *sat)
static void attitude_ref_int_saturate_naive (struct Int32Rates *rate, struct Int32Rates *accel, struct Int32RefSat *sat)

Detailed Description

Naive attitude reference saturation.

Definition in file attitude_ref_saturate_naive.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct FloatRefSat

Definition at line 32 of file attitude_ref_saturate_naive.h.

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Data Fields
struct FloatRates max_accel
struct FloatRates max_rate
struct Int32RefSat

Definition at line 37 of file attitude_ref_saturate_naive.h.

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Data Fields
struct Int32Rates max_accel
struct Int32Rates max_rate

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SATURATE_SPEED_TRIM_ACCEL (   _rate,
{ \
if ((_rate) >= (_max_rate)) { \
(_rate) = (_max_rate); \
if ((_accel) > 0) { \
(_accel) = 0; \
} \
} \
else if ((_rate) <= -(_max_rate)) { \
(_rate) = -(_max_rate); \
if ((_accel) < 0) { \
(_accel) = 0; \
} \
} \

saturate angular speed and trim accel accordingly

Definition at line 43 of file attitude_ref_saturate_naive.h.

Referenced by attitude_ref_float_saturate_naive(), and attitude_ref_int_saturate_naive().

Function Documentation

static void attitude_ref_float_saturate_naive ( struct FloatRates rate,
struct FloatRates accel,
struct FloatRefSat sat 
static void attitude_ref_int_saturate_naive ( struct Int32Rates rate,
struct Int32Rates accel,
struct Int32RefSat sat