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pprz_algebra_double.h File Reference

Paparazzi double precision floating point algebra. More...

#include "pprz_algebra.h"
#include "pprz_algebra_float.h"
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Data Structures

struct  DoubleVect2
struct  DoubleVect3
struct  DoubleQuat
 Roation quaternion. More...
struct  DoubleMat33
struct  DoubleRMat
 rotation matrix More...
struct  DoubleEulers
 euler angles More...
struct  DoubleRates
 angular rates More...


#define DOUBLE_VECT3_ROUND(_v)   DOUBLE_VECT3_RINT(_v, _v)
#define DOUBLE_VECT3_RINT(_vout, _vin)
#define DOUBLE_RMAT_OF_EULERS(_rm, _e)   double_rmat_of_eulers(&(_rm), &(_e))
#define DOUBLE_RMAT_OF_EULERS_321(_rm, _e)   double_rmat_of_eulers(&(_rm), &(_e))
#define DOUBLE_QUAT_OF_EULERS(_q, _e)   double_quat_of_eulers(&(_q), &(_e))
#define DOUBLE_EULERS_OF_QUAT(_e, _q)   double_eulers_of_quat(&(_e), &(_q))
#define DOUBLE_QUAT_VMULT(v_out, q, v_in)   double_quat_vmult(&(v_out), &(q), &(v_in))


static double double_vect3_norm (struct DoubleVect3 *v)
static void double_vect3_normalize (struct DoubleVect3 *v)
 normalize 3D vector in place More...
static void double_quat_identity (struct DoubleQuat *q)
 initialises a quaternion to identity More...
static double double_quat_norm (struct DoubleQuat *q)
static void double_quat_normalize (struct DoubleQuat *q)
void double_rmat_of_eulers_321 (struct DoubleRMat *rm, struct DoubleEulers *e)
 Rotation matrix from 321 Euler angles (double). More...
void double_quat_of_eulers (struct DoubleQuat *q, struct DoubleEulers *e)
void double_eulers_of_quat (struct DoubleEulers *e, struct DoubleQuat *q)
void double_quat_vmult (struct DoubleVect3 *v_out, struct DoubleQuat *q, struct DoubleVect3 *v_in)
static void double_rmat_identity (struct DoubleRMat *rm)
 initialises a rotation matrix to identity More...
void double_rmat_inv (struct DoubleRMat *m_b2a, struct DoubleRMat *m_a2b)
 Inverse/transpose of a rotation matrix. More...
void double_rmat_comp (struct DoubleRMat *m_a2c, struct DoubleRMat *m_a2b, struct DoubleRMat *m_b2c)
 Composition (multiplication) of two rotation matrices. More...
void double_rmat_vmult (struct DoubleVect3 *vb, struct DoubleRMat *m_a2b, struct DoubleVect3 *va)
 rotate 3D vector by rotation matrix. More...
void double_rmat_of_quat (struct DoubleRMat *rm, struct DoubleQuat *q)
static void double_rmat_of_eulers (struct DoubleRMat *rm, struct DoubleEulers *e)

Detailed Description

Paparazzi double precision floating point algebra.

Definition in file pprz_algebra_double.h.