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ins.h File Reference

Integrated Navigation System interface. More...

#include "std.h"
#include "math/pprz_geodetic_int.h"
#include "math/pprz_algebra_float.h"
#include "state.h"
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typedef void(* InsInit )(void)


void ins_register_impl (InsInit init)
void ins_init (void)
 INS initialization. More...
void ins_reset_local_origin (void)
 INS local origin reset. More...
void ins_reset_altitude_ref (void)
 INS altitude reference reset. More...
void ins_reset_utm_zone (struct UtmCoor_f *utm)
 INS utm zone reset. More...

Detailed Description

Integrated Navigation System interface.

Definition in file ins.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* InsInit)(void)

Definition at line 40 of file ins.h.

Function Documentation

void ins_init ( void  )

INS initialization.

Called at startup. Initializes the global ins struct.

Definition at line 60 of file ins.c.

References DefaultInsRegister, Ins::init, and ins.

Referenced by init_ap(), and main_init().

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void ins_register_impl ( InsInit  init)

Definition at line 53 of file ins.c.

References Ins::init, init, and ins.

Referenced by ins_altf_register(), ins_float_invariant_register(), ins_gps_passthrough_register(), ins_gps_utm_register(), ins_int_register(), and ins_vectornav_register().

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void ins_reset_altitude_ref ( void  )

INS altitude reference reset.

Reset only vertical reference to the current altitude. Does nothing if not implemented by specific INS algorithm.

Definition at line 138 of file ins_alt_float.c.

References LlaCoor_i::alt, UtmCoor_f::alt, gps, GpsState::hmsl, LtpDef_i::hmsl, ins_altf, ins_gp, ins_int, LlaCoor_i::lat, LtpDef_i::lla, GpsState::lla_pos, LlaCoor_i::lon, InsInt::ltp_def, InsGpsPassthrough::ltp_def, ltp_def_from_lla_i(), State::ned_origin_i, InsAltFloat::reset_alt_ref, state, stateSetLocalOrigin_i(), stateSetLocalUtmOrigin_f(), TRUE, State::utm_origin_f, and InsInt::vf_reset.

Referenced by nav_reset_alt().

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void ins_reset_local_origin ( void  )
void ins_reset_utm_zone ( struct UtmCoor_f utm)

INS utm zone reset.

Reset UTM zone according te the actual position. Only used with fixedwing firmware. Can be overwritte by specifc INS implementation.

utminitial utm zone, returns the corrected utm position

Definition at line 98 of file ins.c.

References gps, lla_of_utm_f(), GpsState::lla_pos, LlaCoor_i::lon, stateSetLocalUtmOrigin_f(), utm_of_lla_f(), GpsState::utm_pos, UtmCoor_f::zone, and UtmCoor_i::zone.

Referenced by nav_reset_utm_zone().

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