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stabilization_attitude_ref_euler_float.c File Reference
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static void reset_psi_ref (struct AttRefEulerFloat *ref, float psi)
void attitude_ref_euler_float_init (struct AttRefEulerFloat *ref)
void attitude_ref_euler_float_enter (struct AttRefEulerFloat *ref, float psi)
void attitude_ref_euler_float_update (struct AttRefEulerFloat *ref, struct FloatEulers *sp_eulers, float dt)

Detailed Description

Rotorcraft attitude reference generation in euler float version.

Definition in file stabilization_attitude_ref_euler_float.c.

Function Documentation

◆ attitude_ref_euler_float_enter()

void attitude_ref_euler_float_enter ( struct AttRefEulerFloat ref,
float  psi 

Definition at line 62 of file stabilization_attitude_ref_euler_float.c.

References ref, and reset_psi_ref().

Referenced by stabilization_attitude_enter().

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◆ attitude_ref_euler_float_init()

◆ attitude_ref_euler_float_update()

void attitude_ref_euler_float_update ( struct AttRefEulerFloat ref,
struct FloatEulers sp_eulers,
float  dt 

◆ reset_psi_ref()

static void reset_psi_ref ( struct AttRefEulerFloat ref,
float  psi 

Definition at line 106 of file stabilization_attitude_ref_euler_float.c.

References FloatEulers::psi, and ref.

Referenced by attitude_ref_euler_float_enter().

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