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stabilization_attitude_quat_transformations.h File Reference
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void quat_from_rpy_cmd_i (struct Int32Quat *quat, struct Int32Eulers *rpy)
void quat_from_rpy_cmd_f (struct FloatQuat *quat, struct FloatEulers *rpy)
void quat_from_earth_cmd_i (struct Int32Quat *quat, struct Int32Vect2 *cmd, int32_t heading)
void quat_from_earth_cmd_f (struct FloatQuat *quat, struct FloatVect2 *cmd, float heading)

Detailed Description

Quaternion transformation functions.

Definition in file stabilization_attitude_quat_transformations.h.

Function Documentation

◆ quat_from_earth_cmd_f()

void quat_from_earth_cmd_f ( struct FloatQuat quat,
struct FloatVect2 cmd,
float  heading 

◆ quat_from_earth_cmd_i()

void quat_from_earth_cmd_i ( struct Int32Quat quat,
struct Int32Vect2 cmd,
int32_t  heading 

Definition at line 48 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_transformations.c.

References ANGLE_FLOAT_OF_BFP, heading, QUAT_BFP_OF_REAL, quat_from_earth_cmd_f(), FloatVect2::x, Int32Vect2::x, FloatVect2::y, and Int32Vect2::y.

Referenced by stabilization_attitude_set_earth_cmd_i(), and stabilization_indi_set_earth_cmd_i().

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◆ quat_from_rpy_cmd_f()

void quat_from_rpy_cmd_f ( struct FloatQuat quat,
struct FloatEulers rpy 

Definition at line 37 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_transformations.c.

References float_quat_of_orientation_vect(), FloatEulers::phi, FloatEulers::psi, and FloatEulers::theta.

Referenced by quat_from_rpy_cmd_i().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ quat_from_rpy_cmd_i()

void quat_from_rpy_cmd_i ( struct Int32Quat quat,
struct Int32Eulers rpy 

Definition at line 28 of file stabilization_attitude_quat_transformations.c.

References EULERS_FLOAT_OF_BFP, QUAT_BFP_OF_REAL, and quat_from_rpy_cmd_f().

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