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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
nav_fish.h File Reference
#include "std.h"
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Data Structures

struct  NavFishParams
 nav fish param structure More...


void nav_fish_init (void)
 nav fish init More...
bool nav_fish_velocity_run (void)
 nav fish velocity run More...


struct NavFishParams nav_fish_params

Detailed Description

Adjiri Adam Bio-inspired swarm navigation

Definition in file nav_fish.h.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ NavFishParams

struct NavFishParams

nav fish param structure

Definition at line 35 of file nav_fish.h.

Data Fields
float alpha random fluctuation reduction to wall
float alpha_rep intensity of repulsion
float alt flight altitude
float d0_ali alignement balance distance
float d0_att attraction balance distance
float e_w1 wall interaction's first coefficient
float e_w2 wall interaction's first coefficient
float fluct random fluctuation intensity
float l_ali alignement distance
float l_att attraction distance
float l_w wall interaction distance
float max_velocity max velocity allowed
float min_d2d minimum distance between two drones
float min_velocity minimum velocity when facing obstacles
uint8_t strategy strategy for choosing focal uav : 0 for closest uav , 1 for most influential uav
float tr_l_ali alignement distance to trajectory intensity
float tr_l_att attraction distance to trajectory intensity
float tr_y_ali alignement to trajectory intensity
float tr_y_att attraction to trajectory intensity
float y_ali alignement intensity
float y_att attraction intensity
float y_w wall interaction intensity

Function Documentation

◆ nav_fish_init()

◆ nav_fish_velocity_run()

bool nav_fish_velocity_run ( void  )

nav fish velocity run

nav fish velocity run


Definition at line 487 of file nav_fish.c.

References autopilot_guided_update(), calculate_new_heading(), counter, NavFish::f_w, FLOAT_ANGLE_NORMALIZE, GUIDED_FLAG_XY_BODY, GUIDED_FLAG_XY_VEL, NavFish::heading, nav_fish, new_heading, nfp, PRESCALE, send_swarm_message(), and NavFish::velocity.

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Variable Documentation

◆ nav_fish_params

struct NavFishParams nav_fish_params

Definition at line 153 of file nav_fish.c.

Referenced by nav_fish_init().