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meteo_france_DAQ.c File Reference
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void init_mf_daq (void)
void mf_daq_send_state (void)
void mf_daq_send_report (void)
void parse_mf_daq_msg (uint8_t *buf)


struct MF_DAQ mf_daq
bool log_started

Detailed Description

Communication module with the Data Acquisition board from Meteo France

DAQ board sends measurments to the AP AP sends periodic report to the ground, store data on SD card and sends A/C state to DAQ board

Definition in file meteo_france_DAQ.c.

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Definition at line 50 of file meteo_france_DAQ.c.

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◆ init_mf_daq()

void init_mf_daq ( void  )

Definition at line 57 of file meteo_france_DAQ.c.

References gpio_setup_output(), log_started, meteo_france_DAQ_SetPower, mf_daq, MF_DAQ_POWER_INIT, MF_DAQ::nb, and MF_DAQ::power.

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◆ mf_daq_send_report()

◆ mf_daq_send_state()

void mf_daq_send_state ( void  )

◆ parse_mf_daq_msg()

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◆ log_started

◆ mf_daq

struct MF_DAQ mf_daq

Definition at line 46 of file meteo_france_DAQ.c.

Referenced by init_mf_daq(), mf_daq_send_report(), and parse_mf_daq_msg().