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ahrs_vectornav.c File Reference
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static void send_vn_info (struct transport_tx *trans, struct link_device *dev)
void ahrs_vectornav_event (void)
 Event handling for Vectornav. More...
void ahrs_vectornav_init (void)
 Initialize Vectornav struct. More...
void ahrs_vectornav_propagate (void)
 Read received data. More...


struct AhrsVectornav ahrs_vn

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◆ ahrs_vectornav_event()

◆ ahrs_vectornav_init()

◆ ahrs_vectornav_propagate()

void ahrs_vectornav_propagate ( void  )

Read received data.

Definition at line 125 of file ahrs_vectornav.c.

References ahrs_vn, VNData::attitude, AhrsVectornav::body_to_imu, float_quat_of_eulers(), float_rmat_ratemult(), VNData::gyro, orientationGetRMat_f(), stateSetBodyRates_f(), stateSetNedToBodyQuat_f(), and AhrsVectornav::vn_data.

Referenced by ahrs_vectornav_event().

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◆ send_vn_info()

static void send_vn_info ( struct transport_tx *  trans,
struct link_device *  dev 

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