Paparazzi UAS  v6.0_unstable-96-g165dd5c-dirty
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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Here is a list of all modules:
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 MCU Peripherals
 I2C Interface
 SPI Interface
 Aircraft data availability representations
 Basic type definitionFile vl53l1_types.h files hold basic type definition that may requires porting
 State interfaceThis general state interface holds all the most important vehicle states like position, velocity, attitude, etc
 Position representations
 Speed representations
 Acceleration representations
 Angular rate representations
 Wind- and airspeed representations
 Attitude representations
 Integer typesSpecified-width integer type definitions for shorter and nicer code
 STM32 architecture
 MathPaparazzi math functions
 Generic Orientation RepresentationsThis generic orientation representation consists of a struct, containing the 6 orientation representations, and a status variable
 Algebra functionsAlgebra functions and macros
 Float Algebra
 Generic Algebra macros
 Double Algebra
 Fixed Point Algebra
 Geodetic functionsGeodetic calculation functions and macros
 Generic Geodetic macros.
 Double Geodetic functions
 Fixed Point Geodetic functions
 UTM (Mercator) projections
 WGS-84 Geoid
 Geomagnetic field model
 International Standard Atmosphere utilities