Paparazzi UAS  v7.0_unstable
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
Geomagnetic field model
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#define WMM2020_FRAC   2
#define N_MAX_OF_GH   12
#define GEO_EPOCH   2020.
#define YR_MIN   2020.
#define YR_MAX   2025.
#define NMAX_1   12
#define NMAX_2   12
#define IEXT   0
#define EXT_COEFF1   (double)0
#define EXT_COEFF2   (double)0
#define EXT_COEFF3   (double)0
#define GPS_EPOCH_BEGIN   (double)1980.016393442623
 Begin of the GPS epoch. More...
#define GPS_EPOCH_YEAR   1980
#define GPS_EPOCH_MONTH   1
#define GPS_EPOCH_DAY   6
#define WEEKS_IN_YEAR   52.14285
#define SECS_IN_YEAR   31536000
#define MAXDEG   13
#define MAXCOEFF   (MAXDEG*(MAXDEG+2)+1)


int16_t extrapsh (double date, double dte1, int16_t nmax1, int16_t nmax2, double *gh)
int16_t mag_calc (int16_t igdgc, double flat, double flon, double elev, int16_t nmax, double *gh, double *geo_mag_x, double *geo_mag_y, double *geo_mag_z, int16_t iext, double ext1, double ext2, double ext3)


const double gh1 []
const double gh2 []

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#define EXT_COEFF1   (double)0

Definition at line 52 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define EXT_COEFF2   (double)0

Definition at line 53 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define EXT_COEFF3   (double)0

Definition at line 54 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define GEO_EPOCH   2020.

Definition at line 45 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define GPS_EPOCH_BEGIN   (double)1980.016393442623

Begin of the GPS epoch.

Definition at line 57 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define GPS_EPOCH_DAY   6

Definition at line 60 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define GPS_EPOCH_MONTH   1

Definition at line 59 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define GPS_EPOCH_YEAR   1980

Definition at line 58 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define IEXT   0

Definition at line 51 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define MAXCOEFF   (MAXDEG*(MAXDEG+2)+1)

Definition at line 67 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define MAXDEG   13

Definition at line 66 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define N_MAX_OF_GH   12

Definition at line 42 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.

◆ NMAX_1

#define NMAX_1   12

Definition at line 48 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.

◆ NMAX_2

#define NMAX_2   12

Definition at line 49 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define SECS_IN_YEAR   31536000

Definition at line 64 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define WEEKS_IN_YEAR   52.14285

Definition at line 63 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.

◆ WMM2020_FRAC

#define WMM2020_FRAC   2

Definition at line 41 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define YR_MAX   2025.

Definition at line 47 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.


#define YR_MIN   2020.

Definition at line 46 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h.

Function Documentation

◆ extrapsh()

int16_t extrapsh ( double  date,
double  dte1,
int16_t  nmax1,
int16_t  nmax2,
double *  gh 

Definition at line 64 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.c.

References gh1, and gh2.

Referenced by geo_mag_event(), and init_ltp().

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◆ mag_calc()

int16_t mag_calc ( int16_t  igdgc,
double  flat,
double  flon,
double  elev,
int16_t  nmax,
double *  gh,
double *  geo_mag_x,
double *  geo_mag_y,
double *  geo_mag_z,
int16_t  iext,
double  ext1,
double  ext2,
double  ext3 

Definition at line 105 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.c.

References logger_uart_parse::a2, simple_quad_sim::m, and p.

Referenced by geo_mag_event(), and init_ltp().

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Variable Documentation

◆ gh1

const double gh1[]

Definition at line 32 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.c.

Referenced by extrapsh().

◆ gh2

const double gh2[]

Definition at line 48 of file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.c.

Referenced by extrapsh().