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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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xbee868.h File Reference

Configuration for 868MHz modules. More...

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#define XBEE_TX_ID   0x10
#define XBEE_RX_ID   0x90
#define XBEE_TX_OVERHEAD   13
#define XbeeGetRSSI(_payload)   {}

Detailed Description

Configuration for 868MHz modules.

Definition in file xbee868.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


Definition at line 33 of file xbee868.h.

#define XBEE_RX_ID   0x90

Definition at line 32 of file xbee868.h.

{ \
0x00, \
0x00, \
0x00, \
0x00, \
0x00, \
0x00, \
0xff, \
0xfe, \
0x00, \
Ground station address.
Definition: xbee.c:34
#define NO_FRAME_ID
Definition: xbee.c:40
#define TX_OPTIONS
Constants for the API protocol.
Definition: xbee.c:39
#define XBEE_TX_ID
Definition: xbee868.h:31

Definition at line 36 of file xbee868.h.

#define XBEE_TX_ID   0x10

Definition at line 31 of file xbee868.h.

#define XBEE_TX_OVERHEAD   13

Definition at line 35 of file xbee868.h.

#define XbeeGetRSSI (   _payload)    {}

Definition at line 53 of file xbee868.h.