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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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QR code reader using ZBAR library

Module XML file: cv_qrcode.xml

A telemetry message with the code content is sent when a QR code is detected when qrscan is called.

Example for airframe file

1 <modules>
2  <load name="cv_qrcode.xml"/>
3 </modules>

Module functions

Init Functions

These initialization functions are called once on startup.


Header Files

The following headers are automatically included in modules.h

Source Files

  • modules/computer_vision/qrcode/qr_code.c
  • /zbar/qrcode/bch15_5.c
  • /zbar/qrcode/binarize.c
  • /zbar/qrcode/isaac.c
  • /zbar/qrcode/qrdec.c
  • /zbar/qrcode/qrdectxt.c
  • /zbar/qrcode/rs.c
  • /zbar/qrcode/util.c
  • /zbar/decoder/qr_finder.c
  • /zbar/decoder/ean.c
  • /zbar/error.c
  • /zbar/image.c
  • /zbar/scanner.c
  • /zbar/symbol.c
  • /zbar/refcnt.c
  • /zbar/decoder.c
  • /zbar/img_scanner.c

Raw cv_qrcode.xml file:

<!DOCTYPE module SYSTEM "module.dtd">
<module name="qrcode" dir="computer_vision/qrcode">
QR code reader using ZBAR library
A telemetry message with the code content is sent when a QR code is detected when qrscan is called.
<file name="qr_code.h"/>
<init fun="qrcode_init()"/>
<makefile target="ap">
<file name="qr_code.c"/>
<!-- zbar -->
<configure name="EXTSW" value="$(PAPARAZZI_SRC)/sw/ext" />
<configure name="LIBZBAR" value="$(EXTSW)/libzbar/zbar-0.10" />
<file name="bch15_5.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar/qrcode"/>
<file name="binarize.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar/qrcode"/>
<file name="isaac.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar/qrcode"/>
<file name="qrdec.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar/qrcode"/>
<file name="qrdectxt.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar/qrcode"/>
<file name="rs.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar/qrcode"/>
<file name="util.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar/qrcode"/>
<file name="qr_finder.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar/decoder"/>
<file name="ean.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar/decoder"/>
<file name="error.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar"/>
<file name="image.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar"/>
<file name="scanner.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar"/>
<file name="symbol.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar"/>
<file name="refcnt.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar"/>
<file name="decoder.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar"/>
<file name="img_scanner.c" dir="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar"/>
<!-- libexif flags -->
<define name="$(LIBZBAR)/zbar" type="include"/>
<define name="$(LIBZBAR)/include" type="include"/>
<!--define name="DEBUG_QR_FINDER" value="1"/-->
<flag name="CFLAGS" value="Wno-cast-qual"/>
<flag name="CFLAGS" value="Wno-parentheses"/>
<flag name="CFLAGS" value="Wno-pointer-arith"/>
<flag name="CFLAGS" value="Wno-missing-prototypes"/>
<flag name="CFLAGS" value="Wno-shadow"/>
<flag name="CFLAGS" value="Wno-missing-declarations"/>