Paparazzi UAS  v5.18.0_stable
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
imu_analog.h File Reference
#include "subsystems/imu.h"
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#define NB_ANALOG_IMU_ADC   6
#define IMU_ACCEL_X_SENS_NUM   1
#define IMU_ACCEL_X_SENS_DEN   1
#define IMU_ACCEL_Y_SENS_NUM   1
#define IMU_ACCEL_Y_SENS_DEN   1
#define IMU_ACCEL_Z_SENS_NUM   1
#define IMU_ACCEL_Z_SENS_DEN   1


void imu_analog_init (void)
void imu_analog_periodic (void)


int imu_overrun

Detailed Description

Inertial Measurement Unit using onboard ADCs.

Definition in file imu_analog.h.

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#define IMU_ACCEL_X_SENS_DEN   1

Definition at line 57 of file imu_analog.h.


#define IMU_ACCEL_X_SENS_NUM   1

Definition at line 56 of file imu_analog.h.


#define IMU_ACCEL_Y_SENS_DEN   1

Definition at line 59 of file imu_analog.h.


#define IMU_ACCEL_Y_SENS_NUM   1

Definition at line 58 of file imu_analog.h.


#define IMU_ACCEL_Z_SENS_DEN   1

Definition at line 61 of file imu_analog.h.


#define IMU_ACCEL_Z_SENS_NUM   1

Definition at line 60 of file imu_analog.h.


#define NB_ANALOG_IMU_ADC   6

Definition at line 31 of file imu_analog.h.

Function Documentation

◆ imu_analog_init()

void imu_analog_init ( void  )

Definition at line 30 of file imu_analog.c.

References adc_buf_channel(), analog_imu_adc_buf, and imu_overrun.

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◆ imu_analog_periodic()

Variable Documentation

◆ imu_overrun

int imu_overrun

Definition at line 26 of file imu_analog.c.

Referenced by imu_analog_init(), and imu_analog_periodic().