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wind_estimation_quadrotor.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  wind_estimation_quadrotor_params


void wind_estimation_quadrotor_init (void)
void wind_estimation_quadrotor_periodic (void)
void wind_estimation_quadrotor_stop (void)
void wind_estimation_quadrotor_start (void)
void wind_estimation_quadrotor_report (void)
float wind_estimation_quadrotor_SetQva (float Q_va)
float wind_estimation_quadrotor_SetQw (float Q_w)
float wind_estimation_quadrotor_SetR (float R)


struct wind_estimation_quadrotor_params we_quad_params

Detailed Description

Gautier Hattenberger Wind estimation from quadrotor motion

Definition in file wind_estimation_quadrotor.h.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ wind_estimation_quadrotor_params

struct wind_estimation_quadrotor_params

Definition at line 29 of file wind_estimation_quadrotor.h.

Data Fields
float Q_va model noise on airspeed
float Q_w model noise on wind
float R measurement noise (ground speed)

Function Documentation

◆ wind_estimation_quadrotor_init()

◆ wind_estimation_quadrotor_periodic()

◆ wind_estimation_quadrotor_report()

void wind_estimation_quadrotor_report ( void  )

◆ wind_estimation_quadrotor_SetQva()

float wind_estimation_quadrotor_SetQva ( float  Q_va)

◆ wind_estimation_quadrotor_SetQw()

float wind_estimation_quadrotor_SetQw ( float  Q_w)

◆ wind_estimation_quadrotor_SetR()

float wind_estimation_quadrotor_SetR ( float  R)

◆ wind_estimation_quadrotor_start()

void wind_estimation_quadrotor_start ( void  )

Definition at line 178 of file wind_estimation_quadrotor.c.

References wind_estimation_quadrotor::status, we_quad, WE_QUAD_STATUS_RUN, and wind_estimation_quadrotor_reset().

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◆ wind_estimation_quadrotor_stop()

void wind_estimation_quadrotor_stop ( void  )

Definition at line 169 of file wind_estimation_quadrotor.c.

References stateSetHorizontalWindspeed_f(), wind_estimation_quadrotor::status, we_quad, and WE_QUAD_STATUS_IDLE.

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Variable Documentation

◆ we_quad_params