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Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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traffic_info.h File Reference

Information relative to the other aircrafts. More...

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Data Structures

struct  ac_info_


#define NB_ACS_ID   256
#define NB_ACS   24
#define SetAcInfo(_id, _utm_x, _utm_y, _course, _alt, _gspeed, _climb, _itow)


void traffic_info_init (void)
struct ac_info_get_ac_info (uint8_t id)


uint8_t acs_idx
uint8_t the_acs_id [NB_ACS_ID]
struct ac_info_ the_acs [NB_ACS]

Detailed Description

Information relative to the other aircrafts.

Definition in file traffic_info.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct ac_info_

Definition at line 35 of file traffic_info.h.

Data Fields
uint8_t ac_id
float alt
float climb
float course
float east
float gspeed
uint32_t itow
float north

Macro Definition Documentation

#define NB_ACS_ID   256

Definition at line 32 of file traffic_info.h.

#define SetAcInfo (   _id,
{ \
if (_id > 0 && the_acs_id[_id] == 0) { \
} \
the_acs[the_acs_id[_id]].course = _course; \
the_acs[the_acs_id[_id]].alt = _alt; \
the_acs[the_acs_id[_id]].gspeed = _gspeed; \
the_acs[the_acs_id[_id]].climb = _climb; \
the_acs[the_acs_id[_id]].itow = (uint32_t)_itow; \
} \
struct ac_info_ the_acs[NB_ACS]
Definition: traffic_info.c:35
uint8_t ac_id
Definition: traffic_info.h:36
float gspeed
Definition: traffic_info.h:41
float course
Definition: traffic_info.h:39
float north
Definition: traffic_info.h:38
float alt
Definition: traffic_info.h:40
float east
Definition: traffic_info.h:37
int32_t nav_utm_north0
Definition: common_nav.c:43
uint32_t itow
Definition: traffic_info.h:43
uint8_t the_acs_id[NB_ACS_ID]
Definition: traffic_info.c:34
unsigned long uint32_t
Definition: types.h:18
#define NB_ACS
Definition: traffic_info.h:33
unsigned char uint8_t
Definition: types.h:14
int32_t nav_utm_east0
Definition: common_nav.c:42
float climb
Definition: traffic_info.h:42
uint8_t acs_idx
Definition: traffic_info.c:33

Definition at line 52 of file traffic_info.h.

Referenced by dl_parse_msg(), and formation_flight().

Function Documentation

struct ac_info_* get_ac_info ( uint8_t  id)

Definition at line 45 of file traffic_info.c.

References the_acs, and the_acs_id.

Referenced by cam_ac_target(), formation_flight(), nav_follow(), potential_task(), tcas_periodic_task_4Hz(), and tcas_test_direction().

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void traffic_info_init ( void  )

Definition at line 37 of file traffic_info.c.

References ac_info_::ac_id, acs_idx, the_acs, and the_acs_id.

Referenced by init_ap().

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Variable Documentation

uint8_t acs_idx

Definition at line 33 of file traffic_info.c.

Referenced by traffic_info_init().