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opticflow_calculator.h File Reference

Calculate velocity from optic flow. More...

#include "std.h"
#include "inter_thread_data.h"
#include "lib/vision/image.h"
#include "lib/v4l/v4l2.h"
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Data Structures

struct  opticflow_t


void opticflow_calc_init (struct opticflow_t *opticflow, uint16_t w, uint16_t h)
 Initialize the opticflow calculator. More...
void opticflow_calc_frame (struct opticflow_t *opticflow, struct opticflow_state_t *state, struct image_t *img, struct opticflow_result_t *result)
 Run the optical flow on a new image frame. More...

Detailed Description

Calculate velocity from optic flow.

Using images from a vertical camera and IMU sensor data.

Definition in file opticflow_calculator.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct opticflow_t

Definition at line 37 of file opticflow_calculator.h.

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Data Fields
bool_t fast9_adaptive Whether the FAST9 threshold should be adaptive.
uint16_t fast9_min_distance Minimum distance in pixels between corners.
uint8_t fast9_threshold FAST9 corner detection threshold.
bool_t got_first_img If we got a image to work with.
struct image_t img_gray Current gray image frame.
uint8_t max_iterations The maximum amount of iterations the Lucas Kanade algorithm should do.
uint8_t max_track_corners Maximum amount of corners Lucas Kanade should track.
struct image_t prev_img_gray Previous gray image frame.
float prev_phi Phi from the previous image frame.
float prev_theta Theta from the previous image frame.
struct timeval prev_timestamp Timestamp of the previous frame, used for FPS calculation.
uint8_t subpixel_factor The amount of subpixels per pixel.
uint8_t threshold_vec The threshold in x, y subpixels which the algorithm should stop.
uint16_t window_size Window size of the Lucas Kanade calculation (needs to be even)

Function Documentation

void opticflow_calc_frame ( struct opticflow_t opticflow,
struct opticflow_state_t state,
struct image_t img,
struct opticflow_result_t result 

Run the optical flow on a new image frame.

[in]*opticflowThe opticalflow structure that keeps track of previous images
[in]*stateThe state of the drone
[in]*imgThe image frame to calculate the optical flow from
[out]*resultThe optical flow result

Definition at line 155 of file opticflow_calculator.c.

References opticflow_state_t::agl, analyze_linear_flow_field(), cmp_flow(), opticflow_result_t::corner_cnt, opticflow_result_t::div_size, opticflow_result_t::divergence, linear_flow_fit_info::divergence, opticflow_t::fast9_adaptive, fast9_detect(), opticflow_t::fast9_min_distance, opticflow_t::fast9_threshold, opticflow_result_t::flow_der_x, opticflow_result_t::flow_der_y, opticflow_result_t::flow_x, flow_t::flow_x, opticflow_result_t::flow_y, flow_t::flow_y, opticflow_result_t::fps, get_size_divergence(), opticflow_t::got_first_img, image_t::h, image_copy(), image_show_flow(), image_show_points(), image_switch(), image_to_grayscale(), opticflow_t::img_gray, LINEAR_FIT, opticflow_t::max_iterations, opticflow_t::max_track_corners, opticflow_result_t::noise_measurement, OPTICFLOW_FOV_H, OPTICFLOW_FOV_W, OPTICFLOW_FX, OPTICFLOW_FY, opticFlowLK(), opticflow_state_t::phi, opticflow_t::prev_img_gray, opticflow_t::prev_phi, opticflow_t::prev_theta, opticflow_t::prev_timestamp, SIZE_DIV, opticflow_t::subpixel_factor, linear_flow_fit_info::surface_roughness, opticflow_result_t::surface_roughness, opticflow_state_t::theta, opticflow_t::threshold_vec, timeval_diff(), opticflow_result_t::tracked_cnt, TRUE, image_t::ts, opticflow_result_t::vel_x, opticflow_result_t::vel_y, image_t::w, and opticflow_t::window_size.

Referenced by opticflow_module_calc().

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void opticflow_calc_init ( struct opticflow_t opticflow,
uint16_t  w,
uint16_t  h 

Initialize the opticflow calculator.

[out]*opticflowThe new optical flow calculator
[in]*wThe image width
[in]*hThe image height

Definition at line 125 of file opticflow_calculator.c.


Referenced by opticflow_module_init().

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