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link_device.h File Reference

generic device header More...

#include <inttypes.h>
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Data Structures


typedef int(* check_free_space_t )(void *, uint8_t)
 Function pointers definition. More...
typedef void(* put_byte_t )(void *, uint8_t)
typedef void(* send_message_t )(void *)
typedef int(* char_available_t )(void *)
typedef uint8_t(* get_byte_t )(void *)

Detailed Description

generic device header

Definition in file link_device.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct link_device

Device structure.

Definition at line 44 of file link_device.h.

Data Fields
char_available_t char_available check if a new character is available
check_free_space_t check_free_space check if transmit buffer is not full
get_byte_t get_byte get a new char
uint32_t nb_bytes The number of bytes send.
uint16_t nb_msgs The number of messages send.
uint8_t nb_ovrn The number of overruns.
void * periph pointer to parent implementation
put_byte_t put_byte put one byte
send_message_t send_message send completed buffer

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* char_available_t)(void *)

Definition at line 39 of file link_device.h.

typedef int(* check_free_space_t)(void *, uint8_t)

Function pointers definition.

they are used to cast the real functions with the correct type to store in the device structure

Definition at line 36 of file link_device.h.

typedef uint8_t(* get_byte_t)(void *)

Definition at line 40 of file link_device.h.

typedef void(* put_byte_t)(void *, uint8_t)

Definition at line 37 of file link_device.h.

typedef void(* send_message_t)(void *)

Definition at line 38 of file link_device.h.