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pprz_geodetic_wgs84.h File Reference

WGS-84 Geoid Heights. More...

#include "std.h"
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#define WGS84_H(x, y)   ((float) pprz_geodetic_wgs84_int[(y)][(x)])


static int32_t wgs84_ellipsoid_to_geoid_i (int32_t lat, int32_t lon)
 Get WGS84 ellipsoid/geoid separation. More...
static float wgs84_ellipsoid_to_geoid_f (float lat, float lon)
 Get WGS84 ellipsoid/geoid separation. More...


static const int8_t pprz_geodetic_wgs84_int [19][36]

Detailed Description

WGS-84 Geoid Heights.

Ten by Ten Degree WGS-84 Geoid Heights from -180 to +170 Degrees of Longitude

Geoid height approximations in meters

Source: Defense Mapping Agency. 12 Jan 1987. GPS UE Relevant WGS-84 Data Base Package. Washington, DC: Defense Mapping Agency


rows are from -180 to +170 starting north +90 to south-90

Definition in file pprz_geodetic_wgs84.h.