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jpeg.h File Reference
#include "std.h"
#include "lib/vision/image.h"
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#define FOUR_ZERO_ZERO   0
#define FOUR_TWO_ZERO   1
#define FOUR_TWO_TWO   2
#define FOUR_FOUR_FOUR   3
#define RGB   4


void jpeg_encode_image (struct image_t *in, struct image_t *out, uint32_t quality_factor, bool add_dri_header)
 Encode an YUV422 image. More...
int jpeg_create_svs_header (unsigned char *buf, int32_t size, int w)

Detailed Description

Encode images with the use of the JPEG encoding

Definition in file jpeg.h.

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#define FOUR_FOUR_FOUR   3

Definition at line 31 of file jpeg.h.


#define FOUR_TWO_TWO   2

Definition at line 30 of file jpeg.h.


#define FOUR_TWO_ZERO   1

Definition at line 29 of file jpeg.h.


#define FOUR_ZERO_ZERO   0

Definition at line 28 of file jpeg.h.


#define RGB   4

Definition at line 32 of file jpeg.h.

Function Documentation

◆ jpeg_create_svs_header()

int jpeg_create_svs_header ( unsigned char *  buf,
int32_t  size,
int  w 

Definition at line 44 of file jpeg.c.

References p, s, svs_size_code(), and image_t::w.

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◆ jpeg_encode_image()

void jpeg_encode_image ( struct image_t in,
struct image_t out,
uint32_t  quality_factor,
bool  add_dri_header