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gps_ubx_i2c.h File Reference
#include "std.h"
#include "mcu_periph/i2c.h"
#include "pprzlink/pprzlink_device.h"
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Data Structures

struct  GpsUbxI2C
 ubx_i2c state More...


#define GPS_I2C_BUF_SIZE   255


typedef enum GpsI2CReadState GpsI2CReadState
 read states More...
typedef enum GpsI2CWriteState GpsI2CWriteState
 write states More...


enum  GpsI2CReadState { gps_i2c_read_standby, gps_i2c_read_sizeof, gps_i2c_read_data }
 read states More...
enum  GpsI2CWriteState { gps_i2c_write_standby, gps_i2c_write_request_size, gps_i2c_write_cfg }
 write states More...


void gps_ubx_i2c_init (void)
 init function More...
void gps_ubx_i2c_periodic (void)
 handle message sending More...
void gps_ubx_i2c_read_event (void)
 handle message reception More...
bool gps_i2c_tx_is_ready (void)
 is driver ready to send a message More...
void gps_i2c_begin (void)
 config is done, begin reading messages More...
static void GpsUbxi2cEvent (void)
 i2c event More...


struct GpsUbxI2C gps_i2c

Detailed Description

pprz link device for Ublox over I2C

This module adds i2c functionality for the ublox using existing driver

Definition in file gps_ubx_i2c.h.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ GpsUbxI2C

struct GpsUbxI2C

ubx_i2c state

Definition at line 61 of file gps_ubx_i2c.h.

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Data Fields
int baudrate baudrate, unused
struct link_device device ppz link device
GpsI2CReadState read_state
uint8_t rx_buf[GPS_I2C_BUF_SIZE] receive buffer
uint16_t rx_buf_avail how many bytes are waiting to be read
uint16_t rx_buf_idx rx buf index
struct i2c_transaction trans i2c transaction
uint8_t tx_buf[GPS_I2C_BUF_SIZE] transmit buffer
uint16_t tx_buf_idx tx buf index
bool tx_rdy are we ready to transmit
GpsI2CWriteState write_state

Macro Definition Documentation


#define GPS_I2C_BUF_SIZE   255

Definition at line 39 of file gps_ubx_i2c.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ GpsI2CReadState

read states

◆ GpsI2CWriteState

write states

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ GpsI2CReadState

read states


dont read anything


read size of ubx buffer


read data from ubx buffer

Definition at line 43 of file gps_ubx_i2c.h.

◆ GpsI2CWriteState

write states


wait for gps_ubx to read buffer or ucenter to transmit


request size of ubx buffer


send a config msg and get reply

Definition at line 52 of file gps_ubx_i2c.h.

Function Documentation

◆ gps_i2c_begin()

void gps_i2c_begin ( void  )

config is done, begin reading messages

Definition at line 160 of file gps_ubx_i2c.c.

References gps_ubx_i2c_ucenter_done, and TRUE.

Referenced by gps_ubx_ucenter_periodic().

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◆ gps_i2c_tx_is_ready()

bool gps_i2c_tx_is_ready ( void  )

is driver ready to send a message

Definition at line 155 of file gps_ubx_i2c.c.

References gps_i2c, and GpsUbxI2C::tx_rdy.

Referenced by gps_ubx_ucenter_periodic().

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◆ gps_ubx_i2c_init()

void gps_ubx_i2c_init ( void  )

init function

< check if transmit buffer is not full

< put one byte

< put several bytes

< send completed buffer

< check if a new character is available

< get a new char

< set device baudrate

Definition at line 97 of file gps_ubx_i2c.c.

References GpsUbxI2C::device, FALSE, gps_i2c, gps_i2c_char_available(), gps_i2c_check_free_space(), gps_i2c_getch(), gps_i2c_msg_ready(), gps_i2c_put_buffer(), gps_i2c_put_byte(), gps_i2c_read_standby, gps_i2c_write_standby, gps_ubx_i2c_ucenter_done, I2CTransDone, null_function(), GpsUbxI2C::read_state, GpsUbxI2C::rx_buf_avail, GpsUbxI2C::rx_buf_idx, i2c_transaction::status, GpsUbxI2C::trans, TRUE, GpsUbxI2C::tx_buf_idx, GpsUbxI2C::tx_rdy, and GpsUbxI2C::write_state.

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◆ gps_ubx_i2c_periodic()

◆ gps_ubx_i2c_read_event()

◆ GpsUbxi2cEvent()

static void GpsUbxi2cEvent ( void  )

i2c event

Definition at line 101 of file gps_ubx_i2c.h.

References gps_i2c, gps_ubx_i2c_read_event(), I2CTransDone, I2CTransFailed, I2CTransSuccess, i2c_transaction::status, and GpsUbxI2C::trans.

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Variable Documentation

◆ gps_i2c