Paparazzi UAS  v5.18.0_stable
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
flight_gear.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
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Data Structures

struct  FGNetCtrls
struct  FGNetFDM
struct  FGNetMiniFDM
struct  FGNetGUI
struct  FGEnvironment


#define FG_NET_FDM_VERSION   24
#define FG_NET_FDM_MAX_TANKS   4
#define FG_NET_GUI_VERSION   8
#define FG_NET_GUI_MAX_TANKS   4
#define FG_ENVIRONMENT_FOOTER_MAGIC   0x12345678


void net_fdm_dump (struct FGNetFDM *fdm)
void net_fdm_ntoh (struct FGNetFDM *fdm)
void net_fdm_init (struct FGNetFDM *fdm)
void net_gui_init (struct FGNetGUI *gui)
void net_gui_hton (struct FGNetGUI *gui)
void net_gui_dump (struct FGNetGUI *gui)
void net_ctrls_dump (struct FGNetCtrls *ctrls)
void net_ctrls_ntoh (struct FGNetCtrls *ctrls)

Data Structure Documentation

◆ FGNetCtrls

struct FGNetCtrls

Definition at line 12 of file flight_gear.h.

Data Fields
double aileron
double aileron_trim
double brake_left
double brake_parking
double brake_right
double comm_1
double comm_2
double condition[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
double copilot_brake_left
double copilot_brake_right
uint32_t cross_feed
double elevator
double elevator_trim
uint32_t engine_ok[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
uint32_t feed_tank_to[4]
uint32_t flap_motor_ok
double flaps
uint32_t flaps_power
uint32_t freeze
uint32_t fuel_pump_ok[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
uint32_t fuel_pump_power[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
uint32_t fuel_selector[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_TANKS]
uint32_t gear_handle
double hground
uint32_t icing
uint32_t mag_left_ok[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
uint32_t mag_right_ok[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
uint32_t magnetos[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
double magvar
uint32_t master_alt[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
uint32_t master_avionics
uint32_t master_bat[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
double mixture[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
double nav_1
double nav_2
uint32_t num_engines
uint32_t num_tanks
uint32_t oil_press_status[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
double press_inhg
double prop_advance[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
uint32_t reserved[FG_NET_CTRLS_RESERVED_SPACE]
uint32_t reverse[4]
double rudder
double rudder_trim
uint32_t spark_plugs_ok[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
double speedbrake
uint32_t speedup
double spoilers
uint32_t starter_power[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
double temp_c
double throttle[FG_NET_CTRLS_MAX_ENGINES]
double turbulence_norm
uint32_t version
double wind_dir_deg
double wind_speed_kt
uint32_t xfer_pump[5]


struct FGNetFDM

Definition at line 119 of file flight_gear.h.

Data Fields
float A_X_pilot
float A_Y_pilot
float A_Z_pilot
float agl
float alpha
double altitude
float beta
float climb_rate
uint32_t cur_time
float elevator
float elevator_trim_tab
uint32_t eng_state[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_ENGINES]
float fuel_flow[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_ENGINES]
float fuel_px[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_ENGINES]
float fuel_quantity[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_TANKS]
float gear_compression[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_WHEELS]
float gear_pos[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_WHEELS]
float gear_steer[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_WHEELS]
double latitude
float left_aileron
float left_flap
double longitude
float mp_osi[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_ENGINES]
float nose_wheel
uint32_t num_engines
uint32_t num_tanks
uint32_t num_wheels
float oil_px[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_ENGINES]
float oil_temp[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_ENGINES]
uint32_t padding
float phi
float phidot
float psi
float psidot
float right_aileron
float right_flap
float rudder
float slip_deg
float speedbrake
float spoilers
float stall_warning
float theta
float thetadot
float v_body_u
float v_body_v
float v_body_w
float v_down
float v_east
float v_north
float vcas
uint32_t version
float visibility
int32_t warp
uint32_t wow[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_WHEELS]

◆ FGNetMiniFDM

struct FGNetMiniFDM

Definition at line 203 of file flight_gear.h.

Data Fields
double agl
double altitude
double climb_rate
uint32_t cur_time
double fuel_quantity[FG_NET_FDM_MAX_TANKS]
double latitude
double longitude
uint32_t num_tanks
double phi
double psi
double theta
double vcas
uint32_t version
int32_t warp


struct FGNetGUI

Definition at line 252 of file flight_gear.h.

Data Fields
float agl
float altitude
float climb_rate
float course_deviation_deg
uint32_t cur_time
float dist_nm
float fuel_quantity[FG_NET_GUI_MAX_TANKS]
float ground_elev
float gs_deviation_deg
uint32_t in_range
double latitude
double longitude
float nav_radial
uint32_t num_tanks
uint32_t padding1
float phi
float psi
float theta
float tuned_freq
float vcas
uint32_t version
uint32_t warp

◆ FGEnvironment

struct FGEnvironment

Definition at line 297 of file flight_gear.h.

Data Fields
double elapsed_sec
uint32_t footer_magic
float wind_from_down
float wind_from_east
float wind_from_heading
float wind_from_north
float wind_speed

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FG_ENVIRONMENT_FOOTER_MAGIC   0x12345678

Definition at line 295 of file flight_gear.h.



Definition at line 7 of file flight_gear.h.



Definition at line 9 of file flight_gear.h.



Definition at line 8 of file flight_gear.h.



Definition at line 10 of file flight_gear.h.



Definition at line 6 of file flight_gear.h.



Definition at line 113 of file flight_gear.h.


#define FG_NET_FDM_MAX_TANKS   4

Definition at line 115 of file flight_gear.h.



Definition at line 114 of file flight_gear.h.


#define FG_NET_FDM_VERSION   24

Definition at line 112 of file flight_gear.h.


#define FG_NET_GUI_MAX_TANKS   4

Definition at line 234 of file flight_gear.h.


#define FG_NET_GUI_VERSION   8

Definition at line 231 of file flight_gear.h.

Function Documentation

◆ net_ctrls_dump()

void net_ctrls_dump ( struct FGNetCtrls ctrls)

◆ net_ctrls_ntoh()

void net_ctrls_ntoh ( struct FGNetCtrls ctrls)

◆ net_fdm_dump()

void net_fdm_dump ( struct FGNetFDM fdm)

◆ net_fdm_init()

void net_fdm_init ( struct FGNetFDM fdm)

◆ net_fdm_ntoh()

void net_fdm_ntoh ( struct FGNetFDM fdm)

◆ net_gui_dump()

void net_gui_dump ( struct FGNetGUI gui)

◆ net_gui_hton()

void net_gui_hton ( struct FGNetGUI gui)

◆ net_gui_init()

void net_gui_init ( struct FGNetGUI gui)