Paparazzi UAS  v5.18.0_stable
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
digital_cam Directory Reference
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directory  catia


file  atmega_i2c_cam_ctrl.c [code]
 Interface with digital camera though AVR AtMega chip.
file  atmega_i2c_cam_ctrl.h [code]
file  dc.c [code]
file  dc.h [code]
file  dc_ctrl_parrot_mykonos.c [code]
file  dc_ctrl_parrot_mykonos.h [code]
 Digital video/photo recorder control for Parrot Mykonos Platform, For others that is: control the camera of the Disco and if one manages to add pimpctl onto a Bebop or Bebop2, should work also on those.
file  dc_shoot_rc.c [code]
file  dc_shoot_rc.h [code]
file  gpio_cam_ctrl.c [code]
file  gpio_cam_ctrl.h [code]
 Digital Camera Control.
file  hackhd.c [code]
 Digital video/photo recorder HackHD control.
file  hackhd.h [code]
 Digital video/photo recorder HackHD control.
file  servo_cam_ctrl.c [code]
 Digital Camera Control.
file  servo_cam_ctrl.h [code]
 Digital Camera Control.
file  sim_i2c_cam_ctrl.c [code]
 Simulated Interface with digital camera.
file  uart_cam_ctrl.c [code]
file  uart_cam_ctrl.h [code]
 Digital Camera Control Over UART with download of thumbnails over the PAYLOAD message.
file  video_cam_ctrl.c [code]
file  video_cam_ctrl.h [code]
 Digital Camera Control: controls triggering of an embedded digital camera on a linux based autopilot.