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bmp280_i2c.h File Reference

Sensor driver for BMP280 sensor via I2C. More...

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Data Structures

struct  Bmp280_I2c


void bmp280_i2c_read_eeprom_calib (struct Bmp280_I2c *bmp)
void bmp280_i2c_init (struct Bmp280_I2c *bmp, struct i2c_periph *i2c_p, uint8_t addr)
void bmp280_i2c_periodic (struct Bmp280_I2c *bmp)
void bmp280_i2c_event (struct Bmp280_I2c *bmp)

Detailed Description

Sensor driver for BMP280 sensor via I2C.

Definition in file bmp280_i2c.h.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ Bmp280_I2c

struct Bmp280_I2c

Definition at line 35 of file bmp280_i2c.h.

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Data Fields
struct bmp280_reg_calib_data calib calibration data
volatile bool data_available data ready flag
struct i2c_periph * i2c_p
struct i2c_transaction i2c_trans
bool initialized config done flag
float pressure pressure in Pascal
uint32_t raw_pressure uncompensated pressure
uint32_t raw_temperature uncompensated temperature
enum Bmp280Status status state machine status
float temperature temperature in deg Celcius

Function Documentation

◆ bmp280_i2c_event()

◆ bmp280_i2c_init()

void bmp280_i2c_init ( struct Bmp280_I2c bmp,
struct i2c_periph i2c_p,
uint8_t  addr 

Definition at line 41 of file bmp280_i2c.c.

References BMP280_STATUS_UNINIT, and I2CTransDone.

Referenced by baro_bmp280_init().

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◆ bmp280_i2c_periodic()

◆ bmp280_i2c_read_eeprom_calib()

void bmp280_i2c_read_eeprom_calib ( struct Bmp280_I2c bmp)