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guidance_v_n.h File Reference

"New" vertical control for fixed wing vehicles. More...

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float v_ctl_auto_pitch_dgain
float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_throttle_pgain
float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_throttle_dgain
float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_throttle_igain
float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_throttle_sum_err
float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_pitch_pgain
float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_pitch_dgain
float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_pitch_igain
float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_pitch_sum_err
uint8_t v_ctl_speed_mode
float v_ctl_pitch_loiter_trim
float v_ctl_pitch_dash_trim

Detailed Description

"New" vertical control for fixed wing vehicles.

Definition in file guidance_v_n.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


Definition at line 34 of file guidance_v_n.h.


Definition at line 35 of file guidance_v_n.h.


Definition at line 33 of file guidance_v_n.h.

Variable Documentation

float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_pitch_dgain

Referenced by v_ctl_init().

float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_pitch_igain

Referenced by v_ctl_init().

float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_pitch_pgain

Referenced by v_ctl_init().

float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_pitch_sum_err

Referenced by v_ctl_init().

float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_throttle_dgain

Referenced by v_ctl_init().

float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_throttle_igain

Referenced by v_ctl_init().

float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_throttle_pgain

Referenced by v_ctl_init().

float v_ctl_auto_airspeed_throttle_sum_err

Referenced by v_ctl_init().

float v_ctl_auto_pitch_dgain

Definition at line 73 of file guidance_v_n.c.

Referenced by v_ctl_init(), and v_ctl_set_pitch().

float v_ctl_pitch_dash_trim

Definition at line 205 of file stabilization_adaptive.c.

float v_ctl_pitch_loiter_trim

Definition at line 204 of file stabilization_adaptive.c.

uint8_t v_ctl_speed_mode

Definition at line 135 of file energy_ctrl.c.

Referenced by v_ctl_climb_loop(), and v_ctl_init().