Paparazzi UAS  v6.2_unstable
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can_arch.c File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "mcu_periph/can_arch.h"
#include "mcu_periph/can.h"
#include <libopencm3/stm32/rcc.h>
#include <libopencm3/stm32/gpio.h>
#include <libopencm3/stm32/can.h>
#include <libopencm3/cm3/nvic.h>
#include "led.h"
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#define NVIC_CAN1_RX_IRQ_PRIO   1


void _can_run_rx_callback (uint32_t id, uint8_t *buf, uint8_t len)
void can_hw_init (void)
int can_hw_transmit (uint32_t id, const uint8_t *buf, uint8_t len)


bool can_initialized = false

Detailed Description

Handling of CAN hardware for STM32.

Definition in file can_arch.c.

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#define NVIC_CAN1_RX_IRQ_PRIO   1

Definition at line 48 of file can_arch.c.



Definition at line 47 of file can_arch.c.

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◆ _can_run_rx_callback()

void _can_run_rx_callback ( uint32_t  id,
uint8_t buf,
uint8_t  len 

Definition at line 43 of file can.c.

References can_rx_callback.

◆ can_hw_init()

void can_hw_init ( void  )

Definition at line 55 of file can_arch.c.

References can_initialized, GPIO8, GPIO9, GPIO_AF9, gpio_set(), GPIOB, NVIC_CAN1_RX_IRQ_PRIO, and NVIC_USB_LP_CAN_RX0_IRQ_PRIO.

Referenced by ppz_can_init().

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◆ can_hw_transmit()

int can_hw_transmit ( uint32_t  id,
const uint8_t buf,
uint8_t  len 

Definition at line 169 of file can_arch.c.

References can_initialized.

Referenced by ppz_can_transmit().

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Variable Documentation

◆ can_initialized

bool can_initialized = false

Definition at line 53 of file can_arch.c.

Referenced by can_hw_init(), and can_hw_transmit().