Paparazzi UAS  v5.8.2_stable-0-g6260b7c
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
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Maximum Power Point Tracker

Module XML file: MPPT.xml

Solar Cells control board by Michel

Example for airframe file

1 <modules>
2  <load name="MPPT.xml"/>
3 </modules>

Module functions

Init Functions

These initialization functions are called once on startup.

Periodic Functions

These functions are called periodically at the specified frequency from the module periodic loop.

  • MPPT_periodic()
    • Frequency in Hz: 8.
    • Delay: 4
      Integer to impose a sequence (between 0 and main_freq/function_freq)
    • Autorun: TRUE
      Periodic function automatically starts after init.


Header Files

The following headers are automatically included in modules.h

Source Files

Raw MPPT.xml file:

<!DOCTYPE module SYSTEM "module.dtd">
<module name="MPPT" dir="energy">
Maximum Power Point Tracker
Solar Cells control board by Michel
<dl_settings NAME="MPPT">
<dl_setting MAX="3" MIN="1" STEP="1" VAR="MPPT_mode" module="MPPT"/>
<file name="MPPT.h"/>
<init fun="MPPT_init()"/>
<periodic fun="MPPT_periodic()" freq="8." delay="4" autorun="TRUE"/>
<makefile target="ap">
<file name="MPPT.c"/>
<makefile target="sim">
<file name="sim_MPPT.c"/>