Paparazzi UAS  v6.2_unstable
Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System.
ppm_arch.c File Reference
#include "modules/radio_control/radio_control.h"
#include "modules/radio_control/ppm.h"
#include <BOARD_CONFIG>
#include <libopencm3/stm32/rcc.h>
#include <libopencm3/stm32/gpio.h>
#include <libopencm3/stm32/timer.h>
#include <libopencm3/cm3/nvic.h>
#include "mcu_periph/gpio.h"
#include "mcu_arch.h"
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#define ONE_MHZ_CLK   1000000
#define PPM_IRQ_PRIO   2


void ppm_arch_init (void)
 Architecture dependant code. More...


static uint32_t timer_rollover_cnt

Detailed Description

STM32 ppm decoder.

Input signal either on:

  • PA1 TIM2/CH2 (uart1 trig on Lisa/L) (Servo 6 on Lisa/M)
  • PA10 TIM1/CH3 (uart1 trig on Lisa/L) (uart1 rx on Lisa/M)

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#define ONE_MHZ_CLK   1000000

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#define PPM_IRQ_PRIO   2

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◆ ppm_arch_init()

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◆ timer_rollover_cnt

uint32_t timer_rollover_cnt

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