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pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.c File Reference

WMM2020 Geomagnetic field model. More...

#include "std.h"
#include "math/pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.h"
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int16_t extrapsh (double date, double dte1, int16_t nmax1, int16_t nmax2, double *gh)
int16_t mag_calc (int16_t igdgc, double flat, double flon, double elev, int16_t nmax, double *gh, double *geo_mag_x, double *geo_mag_y, double *geo_mag_z, int16_t iext, double ext1, double ext2, double ext3)


const double gh1 [MAXCOEFF]
const double gh2 [MAXCOEFF]

Detailed Description

WMM2020 Geomagnetic field model.

Based on the WMM2020 model (

Definition in file pprz_geodetic_wmm2020.c.