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nps_autopilot.h File Reference
#include "generated/airframe.h"
#include "nps_radio_control.h"
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Data Structures

struct  NpsAutopilot


 Number of commands sent to the FDM of NPS. More...


void sim_overwrite_ahrs (void)
void sim_overwrite_ins (void)
void nps_autopilot_init (enum NpsRadioControlType type, int num_script, char *js_dev)
void nps_autopilot_run_step (double time)
void nps_autopilot_run_systime_step (void)


struct NpsAutopilot nps_autopilot
bool nps_bypass_ahrs
bool nps_bypass_ins

Data Structure Documentation

struct NpsAutopilot

Definition at line 46 of file nps_autopilot.h.

Data Fields
double commands[NPS_COMMANDS_NB]
bool launch

Macro Definition Documentation


Number of commands sent to the FDM of NPS.

If MOTOR_MIXING_NB_MOTOR is defined (usually rotorcraft firmware) we have that many commands (one per motor), otherwise we default to the number of high level commands (COMMANDS_NB).

Definition at line 42 of file nps_autopilot.h.

Referenced by init_gazebo(), init_jsbsim(), nps_ap_data_loop(), nps_autopilot_run_step(), nps_fdm_init(), and nps_main_run_sim_step().

Function Documentation

void nps_autopilot_init ( enum NpsRadioControlType  type,
int  num_script,
char *  js_dev 

Definition at line 80 of file nps_autopilot_fixedwing.c.

References Ap, FALSE, Fbw, init, NpsAutopilot::launch, main_init(), nps_autopilot, nps_bypass_ahrs, NPS_BYPASS_AHRS, nps_bypass_ins, NPS_BYPASS_INS, nps_electrical_init(), nps_radio_control_init(), and TRUE.

Referenced by nps_radio_and_autopilot_init().

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void nps_autopilot_run_systime_step ( void  )

Definition at line 98 of file nps_autopilot_fixedwing.c.

References sys_tick_handler().

Referenced by nps_main_run_sim_step().

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void sim_overwrite_ahrs ( void  )

Definition at line 255 of file nps_autopilot_fixedwing.c.

References NpsFdm::body_ecef_rotvel, fdm, NpsFdm::ltp_to_body_quat, QUAT_COPY, RATES_COPY, stateSetBodyRates_f(), and stateSetNedToBodyQuat_f().

Referenced by nps_autopilot_run_step().

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Variable Documentation

bool nps_bypass_ahrs

Definition at line 64 of file nps_autopilot_fixedwing.c.

Referenced by nps_autopilot_init(), and nps_autopilot_run_step().

bool nps_bypass_ins