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max11040_hw.c File Reference
#include "armVIC.h"
#include "max11040_hw.h"
#include "adcs/max11040.h"
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#define SPI1_VIC_SLOT   7


static void SSP_ISR (void)
static void EXTINT_ISR (void)
void max11040_hw_init (void)


volatile uint8_t num_irqs = 0

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SPI1_VIC_SLOT   7

Definition at line 46 of file max11040_hw.c.

Referenced by max11040_hw_init().

Function Documentation

void EXTINT_ISR ( void  )

Definition at line 232 of file max11040_hw.c.

References EXTINT, IO0DIR, ISR_ENTRY, ISR_EXIT, max11040_buf_in, max11040_count, MAX11040_DATA2, max11040_status, max11040_timestamp, MaxmSelect, num_irqs, PINSEL1, SSP_Send, and VICVectAddr.

Referenced by max11040_hw_init().

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void max11040_hw_init ( void  )

Variable Documentation

volatile uint8_t num_irqs = 0

Definition at line 38 of file max11040_hw.c.

Referenced by EXTINT_ISR().