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lpcCAN.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  can_accept_Regs_t
struct  can_central_Regs_t
struct  can_Regs_t

Data Structure Documentation

struct can_accept_Regs_t

Definition at line 4 of file lpcCAN.h.

Data Fields
REG32 afmr
REG32 eff_grp_sa
REG32 eff_sa
REG32 end_of_table
REG32 lut_err_ad
REG32 lut_err_reg
REG32 sff_grp_sa
REG32 sff_sa
struct can_central_Regs_t

Definition at line 17 of file lpcCAN.h.

Data Fields
REG32 m_sr
REG32 rx_sr
REG32 tx_sr
struct can_Regs_t

Definition at line 26 of file lpcCAN.h.

Data Fields
REG32 can_btr
REG32 can_cmr
REG32 can_ewl
REG32 can_gsr
REG32 can_icr
REG32 can_ier
REG32 can_mod
REG32 can_rda
REG32 can_rdb
REG32 can_rfs
REG32 can_rid
REG32 can_sr
REG32 can_tda1
REG32 can_tda2
REG32 can_tda3
REG32 can_tdb1
REG32 can_tdb2
REG32 can_tdb3
REG32 can_tfi1
REG32 can_tfi2
REG32 can_tfi3
REG32 can_tid1
REG32 can_tid2
REG32 can_tid3