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commands.c File Reference

Hardware independent data structures for commands handling. More...

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pprz_t commands [COMMANDS_NB]
 Storage of intermediate command values. More...
const pprz_t commands_failsafe [COMMANDS_NB] = COMMANDS_FAILSAFE

Detailed Description

Hardware independent data structures for commands handling.

Definition in file commands.c.

Variable Documentation

pprz_t commands[COMMANDS_NB]

Storage of intermediate command values.

These values come from the RC (MANUAL mode), from the autopilot (AUTO mode) or from control loops. They are asyncronisly used to set the servos

Definition at line 30 of file commands.c.

Referenced by autopilot_static_on_rc_frame(), autopilot_static_periodic(), electrical_periodic(), fbw_on_rc_frame(), get_commands(), handle_rc_frame(), main_periodic(), main_periodic_task(), mavlink_send_vfr_hud(), nps_autopilot_run_step(), and send_commands().

const pprz_t commands_failsafe[COMMANDS_NB] = COMMANDS_FAILSAFE

Definition at line 31 of file commands.c.

Referenced by autopilot_static_periodic(), fbw_on_rc_frame(), init_fbw(), and main_periodic().